Optimizing Recruiting Platform, Processes and Employer Brand

Satellite Healthcare

A shortage of skilled nurses and increased competition for talent complicated the organization’s future growth plans as it was heading into its five-year strategic planning cycle. Using Gartner insights and advisory, Estrella Parker, the chief people & culture officer (CPO) along with the talent acquisition leader positioned HR to better serve the shifting business strategy.

Mission-critical priority

Due to an industry-wide talent shortage, the CPO focused on revamping the talent acquisition process and platforms and building a standout employer brand.

How Gartner helped

Gartner helped this client evaluate its current talent acquisition process and design a roadmap for driving efficiencies and tracking progress. Additionally, the HR function used Gartner’s contract review services to assess applicant tracking system (ATS) contracts and select the right vendor. The CPO went on to use Gartner advisory and curated research to create an articulate employer brand.

Business impact

With Gartner for HR Leaders, this healthcare organization streamlined its recruiting platform and processes, ultimately widening the scope of improvements to the employee experience and workforce planning. The organization built a standout employer brand to attract the right talent in a niche market, negotiated better contract terms with the HR technology vendor and saved substantial costs on the ATS investment.


Approx. $450 Million


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What I love about my work with Gartner is the responsiveness. I don’t have to hire consultants. Gartner has been a flexible and versatile partner for the different challenges that I deal with.

Estrella Parker

Chief People and Culture Officer, Satellite Healthcare

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