Corporate Social Responsibility in India

Gartner India has a long history of corporate social responsibility (CSR). These efforts include supporting the communities where we live and work through volunteerism, philanthropy and caring for the environment. We aim to make a positive impact on society through education and the eradication of hunger, poverty and malnutrition, and providing support for disaster relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction. 

Organizations we supported in 2020

  • Respondent Development Services
  • Donate an Hour
  • Absolute Return for Kids
  • Snehasadan
  • Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development (“CORD”) 
  • Little Drops 
  • PURE India Trust
  • Diya Ghar 
  • National Association For The Blind Employment and Training - Manesar (“NABET”)
  • Spark-A-Change

Gartner India CSR Committee

Ram Sharma

Sourish  Mohan Mitra

The scope of our volunteering and community efforts in India has grown over the years. We support our communities with added facilities, increased visibility and the capacity to scale. We focus on a variety of CSR activities and are committed to giving back to the community by providing positive social value to make a difference.

Ram Sharma

VP Financial Operations; Chair, India CSR Committee

Connecting to our communities

See how our associates give back to their communities and the causes most important to them.