Kaoru Yano
Gartner keynote

Kaoru Yano

Director Analyst
Kaoru Yano is a Sr Principal Analyst in Gartner's Research and Advisory, focusing on Identity and Access Management, Cloud and Mobile Security, Security Governance and Risk Management and Security Market in Japan.
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Wednesday, 06 October, 2021 / 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM JST
(Tuesday, 05 October, 2021 / 08:00 PM - 08:30 PM CDT)
Gartner Opening Keynote: Secure the Future: Plan of Action

Accelerating digital innovation brings new complexity and risk. You play a key role in making sure the security and resilience is built-in from the start. This session will explore new leadership vison where they can deliver the best results in the new world for their security as well as for their business success.

Wednesday, 06 October, 2021 / 02:55 PM - 03:40 PM JST
(12:55 AM - 01:40 AM CDT)
Roundtable: Strategic Security Decision Making

Executives are making challenges to create new value in the business but security decisions and prioritization have become more difficult than ever in an uncertain environment. Gartner’s advisor will lead the discussion and attendees will be able to get security insight from each other’s best practice and different point of view.

Thursday, 07 October, 2021 / 03:05 PM - 03:35 PM JST
(01:05 AM - 01:35 AM CDT)
Renew Identity and Data Security in SaaS

Organizations use many SaaS applications now. These are accessed from many devices of several users, and a lot of data will be used and stored in SaaS. We need a new approach in identity and data security to reach higher security level in cloud environment. This session will provide new security leadership and the security recommendations for SaaS.

Friday, 08 October, 2021 / 01:35 PM - 02:20 PM JST
(Thursday, 07 October, 2021 / 11:35 PM - 12:20 AM CDT)
Ask the Speaker : How CISO’s Leadership and Approach will Change (Guest: Michio Sonoda)

CISO’s leadership is changing where digital innovations is accelerating. In this session, we will invite a speaker from our Guest Keynote session Michio Sonoda to discuss what the CISO should do for the security transformation.

Friday, 08 October, 2021 / 03:05 PM - 03:35 PM JST
(01:05 AM - 01:35 AM CDT)
Closing Keynote: Security Leadership Vision for 2021 to 2022

Security is changing and what will it be in the future? We will be able to grasp our security in the future if we can see our current mission toward it. This session will cover key initiatives that we have discussed in this summit.

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