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Enter the Age of Analytics

We live in the age of analytics. Business decisions are increasingly based on data of such complexity that the human mind struggles to comprehend it. Even business units such as Human Resources, which have long made subjective, people-related decisions can now rely on the assistance of algorithms and data.

To solve complex business problems, organizations must adopt more sophisticated analysis. Gartner has identified two key trends that will shape analytics in the years to come. 

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Prepare for the Next Wave of Disruption in Analytics and BI

The analytics and business intelligence (BI) market is beginning a new wave of disruption that promises to uproot the status quo: augmented analytics. This Gartner webinar will discuss how vendors across the analytics and BI spectrum need to understand and plan for the disruption of augmented analytics or risk being left behind. We will describe key market trends and dynamics, which segments are hot or not, and how to respond to optimize profit and revenue.

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Gartner Predicts

  • By 2021, 75% of prebuilt reports will be replaced with our augmented by automated insights delivered on a “most needed” basis.
  • By 2022, every personalized interaction between users and applications or devices will be adaptive.
  • By 2022, 30% of customer interactions will be influenced by real-time location analysis, up from 4% in 2017.

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Track E. Innovation: Break Through the Hype 

The hype surrounding data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and emerging innovative technologies is daunting. Developing an understanding of the strategies for harnessing technologies in this space is vital for delivering business value. Standing still is not an option. This track reveals the more visionary and pioneering trends and aspects of data and analytics. It is designed to deliver innovative approaches and offers insight on the future and all-important business impact of these advanced data and analytics capabilities.


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