Craig Roth

Craig Roth

VP Analyst
Craig Roth is a Research Vice President within the Gartner for General Managers team. Mr. Roth speaks to a wide range of Chief Product Officers, Technology CEOs, Product Marketers, Product Managers, Service Providers, and IT Leaders about how to leverage the opportunities that digital workplace, new ways of work and the future of work have to offer.

His research efforts focus on understanding how knowledge workers get their jobs done today and how they are likely to get them done in the future. He assists with messaging, product strategy, market segmentation and best practices around digital dexterity, digital workplace, cloud office suites, collaboration tools, and content services.

Mr. Roth is the creator of Gartner's Digital Dexterity Index, a multicountry, cross-industry benchmark that shows where workers ready for new ways of working are more likely to be found. This index helps vendors prioritize sales and marketing efforts and helps organizations to measure their workforce's openness to changing how they work.

He has also engaged in special research projects around Enterprise Attention Management (a response to information overload) and how AI and automation will impact the future of work.
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