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Guide to Cloud Security Concepts

Cloud security continues to be one of the most requested core topic coverage areas at Gartner. This is due to the constant drive for organizations to move their infrastructure to the cloud, and security concerns are at the top of the list. An additional challenge with cloud security is there is a constant growth of technologies, strategies and new vendors. This guide will help you understand the core concepts around cloud security, from people and process to the technology at each of the layers needed to keep pace with your cloud security strategy. 


  • Start with defining your cloud security strategy, and favor cloud-native tools augmented by third-party tools based on identified requirements.
  • Define cloud security ownership and build a cloud security architecture role and define best practices.
  • Leverage CASBs for cloud app risk features to automate and speed up cloud risk assessment.
  • Use CASB to protect sensitive data in approved cloud apps and to provide visibility and granular access control to unapproved cloud apps.
  • For IaaS and aPaaS, use CSPM tools to provide overall visibility, and employ CWPP vendor tools to provide workload insights across multiple clouds.

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