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While we build the agenda, take a look at the type of research you can expect at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2023.

Get up to speed with current cloud security concepts. Understand new and upcoming concepts to build your cloud security strategy and architecture.

By 2025, 70% of organizations will consolidate the number of vendors securing the life cycle of cloud-native applications to a maximum of three vendors.

Source: Gartner

Experience an objective, strategic cloud security perspective

Watch our session, Outlook for Cloud Security, from a previous virtual conference edition, sharing how to move forward with cloud security architecture, cloud risk management and cloud application security.

Guide to Cloud Security Concepts

This guide for security and risk management professionals will help you get up to speed with current cloud security concepts and acronyms. You learn new and upcoming concepts relevant to the building of cloud security strategy and architecture.

Opportunities and challenges

  • Cloud security architecture and cloud security architect roles are key to the success of cloud computing initiatives because the cloud requires a different set of security design principles, processes and technologies.
  • Cloud risk assessment must be automated to keep pace with business needs.
  • Tier 1 cloud providers are usually the more secure starting points for workloads of all types.
  • Many companies have adopted a multicloud strategy, which necessitates the use of third-party security tools for consistent policy and governance across a multicloud landscape.
  • End users are increasingly consuming hundreds of software as a service applications and multiple infrastructure as a service offerings, and are building new services using platform as a service technologies. Cloud security initiatives must therefore take account of the various cloud “form factors” used by many organizations.

Cloud security, cybersecurity, privacy, risk management and more are covered in depth at this year’s conference. Seats are filling fast. 

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