Accelerate learning and build a shared vision by attending as a group

Get the most out of your conference experience when you bring your senior finance executive team. As a group, you can:

  • Hear a consistent message tailored to the individual roles that feed into a unified strategic vision in support of the CFO
  • Ensure maximum consumption of in-the-moment ideation with all stakeholders in the same room
  • Leverage networking opportunities and earn continuing education credits to grow your team’s professional skills 
  • Take advantage of cost savings when you buy three or more conference passes

There is no better environment for stakeholders to align, learn and network

Divide and conquer

Split up to attend more sessions designed for every member of your team.

Evaluate vendors and solution providers

Compare solutions for all stakeholders across your business.

Get expert guidance

Each member of your team can meet with a Gartner expert in a private 30‑minute one-on-one consultation.

Buy more, save more

Group Rate Discount

Save on registration when you attend the conference with your colleagues. Receive complimentary registration(s) when you register as a team.*

  • 1 for 3 paid registrations
  • 2 for 5 paid registrations
  • 3 for 7 paid registrations
  • 4 for 10 paid registrations

For more information, email or contact your Gartner representative. 

Tips for attending the conference as a team

Align your vision as you forge strong relationships and a deeper, shared understanding with your colleagues and peers to help drive your strategies forward.

  • Have a team-planning call to set key objectives.
  • Decide a strategy for how to divide and conquer the agenda (which sessions you attend collectively could be as important).
  • Agree on how you will share key lessons.
  • Create a document repository for notes, slides, etc., on Google Drive or other file-sharing platform.
  • Schedule your Gartner expert one-on-ones and decide on meeting topics to discuss.
  • Create a Microsoft Teams/Slack/Google Hangout channel to stay in touch during the conference.
  • Share sessions with your teammates — make notes of times they would find especially helpful.
  • Make a plan to share a coffee or lunch break together as a team.
  • Set up a.m. or p.m. meetings to discuss what you hope to learn, what you did learn, and stay connected.
  • Connect on LinkedIn with any peers you meet during the networking sessions.
  • Set up a meeting to review key take-aways and create an action plan for how you will apply what you have learned. What are you going to start doing/stop doing/do differently as a result of what you have learned?
  • Schedule follow-up meetings with any exhibitors that piqued your interest.
  • Apply for CPE credits based on session attendance. Learn more about CPE credits.

Suggested sessions by role

  • How CFOs Can Partner With CIOs to Effectively Optimize Cost and Value
  • Leverage Finance Capability Models to Guide Your Technology Roadmap
  • Implement a Human-Centric Hybrid Work Design That Drives Talent and Business Outcomes
  • Finance IT as a Digital Catalyst v.2.0
  • A Maturity Model for Environmental Sustainability

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  • Finance Process Improvement: How Technology Is Changing the Game
  • Process Mining: A Game Changer to Protect Enterprise Performance and Profitability
  • Developing and Retaining Digital Finance Talent
  • Shaping the Future of the Controllership Function
  • Make the Accounting Close Ready for Digital by Making It Resilient

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  • Eight Autonomous Finance Opportunities to Maximize the Impact of Finance Business Partners
  • Establishing an AI-Forward Organization That Paves the Path to Autonomous Finance
  • Avoiding a Data and Analytics Regression in a Recession
  • Strengthen the Foundation of FP&A Technology Investments to Harness Advanced Capability
  • Use Zero-Based Prioritization to Refocus Portfolios on Strategic Business Initiatives

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  • Aligning Hyperautomation Initiatives to Autonomous Finance
  • Three Change Management Principles to Supercharge Your Finance Transformation
  • Finance 2025 Progress Report: Opportunities to Accelerate Your Finance Strategy Objectives
  • What Should CFOs Look For in Their Finance Transformation Leaders?
  • Five Practices That Separate Successful Digital Finance Transformations

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