Gartner CFO & Finance Executive Conference

May 25 – 26, 2021 | Americas | Virtual

Transform the finance function with strategic guidance for CFOs and finance leaders

Tomorrow’s Finance: Digital, Adaptable, and Resilient

2021 is a career-defining year for finance leaders, and the mandate is clear: Accelerate growth and digital models, while restoring the organization’s financial health.

The best CFOs catalyze rapid growth by determining the right costs to bring back in and how to protect the organization’s most critical investments. Now is the time for CFOs to the update the governance, data, and analytics that drives these decisions, and in turn re-establish a resilient, long-term financial strategy that supports the enterprise’s digital ambitions. 

The virtual Gartner CFO and Finance Executive Conference 2021, May 25 – 26, outlines what the future of finance will be and helps CFOs and finance executives define the ‘new normal’ for their teams, creating a digital finance footprint that enables a more nimble structure, set of processes, and people. 

Trends based on CFOs’ and finance leaders’ top priorities

Gartner extracts insights from 38,000+ client interactions each year — including 13,000+ senior executives. That means you can benefit from the real-world experiences of finance leaders across every company size and industry.

Actionable insights from Gartner experts

Gartner experts provide real-world examples and data-backed research to help you take on your most pressing challenges. Schedule a personal, 30-minute one-on-one conversation with a finance expert, and return to work with a clear action plan.

Solutions for every member of your team

Join the only conference that is designed specifically around the unique challenges facing CFOs and finance executives and their teams. Explore the ways that you and your team can bring the most value back to the group.

This conference is unique given the high-caliber audience — most are CFOs. We focus our content on how the finance function needs to evolve to best serve the business and on how to leverage technology, evolve our processes, reconsider organizational structure and talent. We offer attendees strategic and actionable advice that positions them to anticipate and build for the future organization.

Johanna Robinson

Practice Vice President and Conference Chair

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    Calling all finance leaders

    The most important gathering of CFOs and senior finance executives offers strategic guidance on the trends that shape finance, company performance and personal leadership. Through an intersection of peers, thought leaders, Gartner expert and practitioner research, you will find new ways to approach critical challenges and make decisions with confidence. This conference is designed for:

    Chief financial officers (CFOs) and business unit CFOs: Gain strategies to build the finance organizations of the future
    • Learn how to improve efficiency and accuracy across the finance function.
    • Hear the best strategies to attract and retain top talent and build financial teams of the future.
    • Learn how to incorporate agility into the finance function to better respond to the needs of the organization.
    • Gain best practices in embedding analytics into business processes and strategic decision making.
    Chief accounting leaders and corporate controllers: Learn new methods to increase accuracy and efficiency
    • Gain best practices in upholding the integrity of business financial data with efficient and accurate closing processes.
    • Learn how to build technical and problem-solving skills across the function.
    • Gain best practices in eliminating judgment-based errors across the organization.
    • Learn new ways to increase efficiencies for faster closing processes.
    Financial planning and analysis leaders: Learn how to build better business partnerships across the organization
    • Gain best practices in building cross-functional partnerships and strong lines of communication across the organization.
    • Learn how to incorporate external data and new analytical methods into current business processes.
    • Learn how to better support business decision making with realistic and trustworthy projections that inspire a clear plan of action.
    • Discover new methods to overcome challenges related to manual processes, outdated data and technologies and lack of data standardization.
    VPs of finance transformation: Learn to better partner with the larger organization and develop a strong business case for finance transformation
    • Access forward-thinking trends and research-backed data to inform finance transformation priorities.
    • Gain best practices in people management for stronger teams that can rise to transformation challenges.
    • Learn how to better leverage current technologies to increase automation and efficiency.
    • Develop a transformation roadmap that sets the organization up for success in the future.
    Shared service leaders: Gain access to data-backed research and best practices for efficient and effective service delivery
    • Enhance your team’s business leadership and partnership skills to better serve the larger organization.
    • Learn best practices in delivering and measuring ROI from systems implementation.
    • Learn how to better communicate and champion the organization’s mission, vision and strategy.
    • Gain best practices in delivery model design and selection.

    Topics at a Glance

    Access an array of content and Gartner research specifically designed for CFOs and their direct reports. Each topic discussion helps you deliver on what matters most to you and your organization.

    Finance talent

    Inadequate talent proves to be one of the major challenges holding organizations back from achieving digital transformation efforts. Learn how to source and retain finance talent and build skills.

    Cost management

    Learn best practices in cost optimization, including how to balance short- and long-term planning and partnering with the rest of the business.

    Finance technology

    Learn how to optimize technology investments to increase efficiency, ensure accuracy and incorporate automation to lessen the burden of manual processes.

    Finance process excellence

    Learn how and where to apply agile, lean and other process improvement methodologies to your end-to-end finance processes.

    RPA, blockchain and AI

    Understand how automation and artificial intelligence are shaping the talent needs of finance.

    Growth investment and cost structure

    Learn how to differentiate your cost base and translate revenue growth into profitable growth.


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