Accelerate learning and build a shared vision by attending as a group

Organizations are becoming more agile and composable. Security and risk management leaders must improve resilience, better support business objectives and elevate the organizational standing. It is imperative for chief information security officers (CISOs), security executives, risk management leaders, security architects and data security managers to accelerate progress on your initiatives and optimize the value of risk management investment.

There is no better environment for stakeholders to align, learn and network

Divide and conquer

Split up to attend more sessions designed for every member of your team.

Evaluate vendors and solution providers

Compare solutions for all stakeholders across your business.

Meet as a team with experts

Discuss your challenges and validate your strategies. 

Tips for attending a conference as a team

Align your vision as you forge strong relationships and a deeper, shared understanding with your colleagues and peers to help drive your strategies forward.

  • Have a team-planning call to set key objectives.
  • Decide a strategy for how to divide and conquer the agenda (which sessions you attend collectively could be as important).
  • Agree on how you will share key learning.
  • Create a document repository for notes, slides, etc., on Google Drive or other file-sharing platform.
  • Add colleagues to your expert one-on-ones.
  • Create a Microsoft Teams/Slack/Google Hangout channel to stay in touch during the conference.
  • Share sessions with your teammates — make notes of times they would find especially helpful.
  • Make a plan to share a coffee or lunch break together as a team.
  • Set up a.m./p.m. meetings to discuss what you hope to learn, what you did learn, and stay connected.
  • Set up a meeting to review key take-aways and create an action plan for how you will apply what you have learned. What are you going to start doing/stop doing/do differently as a result of what you have learned?
  • Connect on LinkedIn with any peers you met during the conference.
  • Schedule follow-up meetings with any exhibitors that piqued your interest (through the Conference Portal).

Suggested sessions by role

  • CISO Panel: Build Unicorn Teams or Hire for Talent? Navigating the Future of the Security Organization*
  • Resetting Executive Engagement, Business Context and How We Invest in Security*
  • Cyber Judgment: Navigating the Era of Distributed Decision Making*
  • The Multigenerational Workforce in Security
  • A Security View of the 2021 CIO and CEO Agenda
  • Outlook for Security Talent, Careers and People 2021
  • Three Types of “Security Fatigue” That May Overwhelm You
  • The Evolution of the CISO Role — What’s Next?
  • Neurodiversity in Security and Risk Management Practices
  • Gain a Critical Advantage Over Cybercrimes Through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • The Characteristics of a Defensible, Risk-Based Cybersecurity Program
  • Leadership Vision for Security and Risk Management 2022
  • Best Practices in Communicating the Business Value of Cybersecurity
  • Treat Cybersecurity as a Business Decision
  • DEI for CISOs: Look Within and Look Around for the Opportunities Beyond Your Security Posture
  • The Economics of Cybersecurity
  • It’s Time to Embrace New-Collar Workers in Cybersecurity

* CISO Circle sessions; application required 

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  • CMMC and DFARS 101 
  • How to Write and Communicate Effective Security Policies
  • 2021 Market Guide for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training
  • Top Security Trends for 2021
  • Stop Treating Security Like Magic and Security People Like Wizards
  • Beyond Tools: Optimizing Security Architecture Through Business Architecture Techniques
  • Top Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021-2022
  • Four Ways to Hack Cybersecurity Culture
  • Use Behavioral Economics to Influence Security Culture and Decisions
  • Where Does the Security Review Fit in a Procurement Process  
  • Outcome-Driven Metrics Optimize Cybersecurity Risk, Value and Cost
  • Resetting Executive Engagement, Business Context and How We Invest in Security
  • Tutorial: How to Create a Business-Aligned Cybersecurity Strategy
  • Five Steps to the Best Security Metrics Ever
  • Best Practices in Managing Cybersecurity in Federated Organizations
  • End User Becomes Provider
  • Trends in Midsize Enterprise Security and Risk Management

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  • Facing New Threats: Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Vendor Risk Management Solutions to Automate and Provide Oversight Over Risk and Security
  • Cyber Judgment: Navigating the Era of Distributed Decision Making
  • The Risk-Enabled Enterprise: ERM’s Role in Risk-Informed Decision Making
  • Garbage In, Garbage Forever: Top 5 Blockchain Security Threats
  • Top 5 Priorities for Managing AI Risk Within the Gartner MOST Framework
  • Outlook for Cyber and IT Risk
  • The State of Artificial Intelligence in Security and Risk Management
  • Could Insider Risk Management Have Saved Julius Caesar? (Et tu, Brute?)
  • Integrated Risk Management: Emerging Market Trends
  • Cybersecurity Insurance: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
  • Digital Business Requires a Delicately Balanced Risk Culture

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  • Application Security Practices for Modern DevSecOps
  • How to Establish and Efficiently Operate a Modern SOC
  • Adapting Vulnerability Management to the Modern IT World of Containers and DevOps
  • Cloud Security 201
  • Cybersecurity Mesh Deep Dive
  • Security Operations Approaches for a DevOps-y, Cloud-Native World
  • Plotting Your Path to a SASE Architecture
  • Selecting Security Monitoring Approaches by Using the Mitre Attack Framework
  • Preparing for the Inevitable: Building Your Ransomware Defense Structure
  • Practical Attacks on Machine Learning
  • Working From Home: Security From Home to the Enterprise

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  • Emerging Technologies in Security and Risk Management
  • The State of Network Security in the Work From Anywhere Era
  • ZTNA Versus VPN: The Battle for Remote Access Is On
  • Market Guide for Data Loss Prevention
  • Successful Data Security Governance Must Focus on Balancing Risks and Business Outcomes
  • Transformational Data Security Strategies
  • The End of Encryption: Using Crypto-Agility to Survive and Thrive in the Coming Storm
  • Secure Your Backup Data Against Ransomware Threats
  • Outlook for Data Security 2021
  • Data Loss Prevention: State of Market in 2021
  • Share Your Data Without Giving It Up: The Rise of Commercial Multiparty Computing
  • How to Achieve Success in Data Loss Prevention
  • Magic Quadrants for Secure Web Gateways and Cloud Access Security Brokers
  • Outlook for Cloud Security 2021
  • Best Practices for Securing Cloud-Native Applications Built on Containers and Kubernetes
  • Outlook for Application Security 2021
  • What’s in Your Software? Defending Against Software Supply Chain Attacks
  • Managing Open Source Software Risks in DevSecOps Environments
  • How to Select a Web Application and API Protection
  • Practical Attacks on Machine Learning
  • Taming the Legal Beast: What Every CISO Should Know About Vendor Risks and Agile Cloud Contracting
  • Enabling Cloud-Native DevSecOps
  • The 2021 Application Security Testing Magic Quadrant: State of the Market
  • HLC: Strategic Architecture Roadmap to Composable Future of Applications

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