Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference

July 12 – 13, 2022 | Americas I Virtual

Accelerating your growth in a new era of transformation

At Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference 2021, attendees received a uniquely informed update on accelerating growth in a new era of transformation, and the technology trends that are impacting business. A post-pandemic guide to thriving and managing high growth for technology service providers.

We covered new approaches to optimize sales and marketing efforts, and drive product innovation for business growth and market expansion.

At the conference, the top priorities that technology service provider leaders met on included:

  • Building strategies to accelerate growth
  • Creating product management strategies for higher value and growth
  • Reinventing marketing to address address postpandemic opportunities
  • Leveraging emerging technologies and trends to seize growth

We hope you enjoyed the virtual 2021 Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference!  If you missed it, be sure to explore what was covered at the conference.

The program for the 2022 Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference is underway and we look forward to sharing details soon!

The forefront of innovation

Get the practical advice you need to prioritize your growth strategy, identify product and market opportunities, and evaluate new technology investments in a new era of transformation.

Designed for technology providers

Join the only conference that’s designed specifically around the unique challenges facing technology and service providers, and that’s backed by unbiased research.

Insights straight from the end user

Gartner extracts insights from 490,000+ direct client interactions each year to provide you with insights on customer needs and buyer behavior.


Technology and services providers must simplify the buying and owning process. Gartner’s TGI 2022 Conference will deliver actionable insights, advice and tools for cross-functional teams to improve customer satisfaction, maintain retention and impact growth from first point of engagement to decision to implementation and beyond.

Christy Ferguson

VP Analyst and Conference Chair

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    Calling all innovators and technology leaders.

    CEOs learned how to build new business models and growth opportunities, and how to adapt to the changing post-pandemic environment.
    • Strengthen foundations for product strategy excellence
    • Reduce sales expense waste and improve sales effectiveness
    • Accelerate revenue growth and customer acquisition
    • Improve employee adoption of strategy and strategic changes 
    • Expand revenue growth impact of partnering and routes to market
    Product managers will learned how to align product strategies with dynamic market opportunities and lead innovation within the organization.
    • A view of how the evolution of the product management role will drive growth for organizations.
    • The need for specialization within the product management team enabled by greater empowerment.
    • How to manage evolving products in an environment driven by continuous development and delivery .
    • The increasing opportunities for product managers created by advancements in data and analytics.
    • How new cloud-based and service models drive product growth and improvement opportunities.
    Marketers obtained progressive go-to-market, demand marketing, and sales enablement practices to drive revenue growth post-pandemic.
    • Blueprint for implementing marketing and sales action plans to drive upsell and cross-sell
    • Guidance for streamlined and impactful marketing processes to support a growing volume of product launches 
    • Techniques for reaching remote buyers with personalized content that works
    • Richer ABM account targeting and planning using technology adoption profiles
    • Amplified impact for customer marketing as a partner to CSM in driving adoption and value recognition
    General managers received the best high-growth opportunities and competitive strategies, and learned how to problem-solve across market silos
    • Provide a clear view into the opportunities for growth and any risks due to key emerging technologies
    • Build an investment case by separating hype from reality in enterprise technology markets
    • Balance opportunity and risk with new technologies by learning about large technology-driven trends and leverage guidance on near-term decisions
    • Highlight areas of competitive advantage, differentiation and key competitors
    • Clarify key areas of adoption and buyer needs for emerging technologies in various stages of growth
    Analyst relations professionals learned how to up-level the impact of AR to align with and meet corporate objectives.
    • Explore ways to proactively collaborate to stay ahead of market dynamics and competitive threats
    • Explore how analysts can act as advisors to future-proof your business 
    • Identify and align corporate and product initiatives to industry analyst coverage
    • Leverage analyst insight to support and influence strategic mission-critical priorities
    • Maximize engagement with analysts by building a goal-based engagement plan

    2021 Tracks at a Glance

    Explore four agenda tracks and two spotlght tracks from the 2021 agenda.

    Track A

    Driving Growth for Tech Startups

    The pandemic caused startups and scaling tech companies to sharpen their focus and differentiation. With the right approaches, these companies are poised for growth. This track offers insights to increase customer acquisition, product strategy and market expansion.

    Track B

    Product Management Strategies for Higher Value and Growth

    The pace of change in technology, business models and buyer behavior are accelerating the need to create new products and farm the existing portfolio. This track will help you learn how to evolve your products and product management function to meet these challenges.

    Track C

    Tuning your Marketing Engine to Accelerate Growth

    To make a bigger impact on the business and drive growth, tech marketers are reassessing where to channel their investments and efforts. This track will provide timely insights on differentiation, ABM, sales enablement and customer marketing to forge a new path forward.

    Track D

    Leveraging Emerging Technologies and Trends to Seize Growth

    Digital technologies and trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Hyper-automation and Edge Computing continue to emerge at a rapid pace. They enable differentiation, open new markets, and threaten current ones. This track will highlight the most promising technologies and trends, and how to build a sustainable growth strategy for them.

    Spotlight Track

    Growing the Value of Analyst Relations to the Business

    Responding to market dynamics and customer needs requires analyst relations leaders to filter and direct relevant information to inform decisions. In this track, analyst relations leaders will learn how to drive greater impact while developing their teams to be stronger contributors.

    Spotlight Track

    Maximizing the Effectiveness of Cross-Functional Teams

    Technology leaders increasingly must work across functional boundaries to make decisions and drive initiatives for growth. This track spotlights conference topics that are critical across functional areas and are recommended for teams attending the conference together.

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