Turn the power of mass collaboration into business results.

Enabling mass collaboration is what makes social media unique and transformational for your business.

Organizations can achieve unprecedented business results by using social media to effectively tap into the power of mass collaboration. New mass collaboration capabilities are irreversibly redefining what it means to be a highly productive organization.

Social media has raised the bar by enabling new possibilities for engaging employees, customers, prospects and partners anywhere in the value chain—in new ways. These new possibilities capitalize on their collective power to dramatically extend and amplify business performance. The whole, then, becomes far greater than the sum of its parts.

Developing the capabilities of a social organization

The Social Organization provides insight into the opportunities and risks associated with your enterprise's "social media personality." It identifies a set of core disciplines you need to master to translate mass collaboration into results that would otherwise have been impossible:

  • Vision: defining a compelling vision of progress toward a highly collaborative organization
  • Strategy: taking community collaboration from risky and random success to measurable business value
  • Purpose: rallying people around a clear purpose, not just providing them with technology
  • Launch: creating a collaborative environment and convincing customers and employees to embrace it
  • Guide: participating in and influencing communities as they pursue their purpose, without stifling collaboration
  • Adapt: responding creatively to change by modifying the organizational context, in order to better support community collaboration

Learning from the pioneers

Leading companies are using new social technologies to create substantial, tangible business value. The authors share insights from their study of more than 400 organizations around the world—including companies as diverse as Xilinx, Ford Motor Company and CEMEX—that have used these technologies to foster and capitalize on customers' and employees' collective efforts.

The Social Organization highlights the benefits and challenges of using social technology to tap the power of collective effort. Packed with practical advice and compelling examples, this new book reveals how you can make collaboration a source of enduring competitive advantage in your enterprise.