What's your focus? Topics aggregate valuable research, solutions and events around the issues that are most important to you. Are you in Applications Development? You'll find lots of valuable information on tools, governance, Total Cost of Ownership, and more. Watching Emerging Trends? That Topic is loaded with insight from more than 100 Gartner analysts on how new technologies can affect your business.

Delivering applications to satisfy business needs is a blend of technology, tools and technical architectures. Application Development coverage provides an understanding of the technologies and best practices for delivering applications to the production environment and for maintaining their evolution over their life cycle, including governance and control issues.

Application Integration & Middleware

Middleware and application integration are relevant to all IT endeavors. Covering the unique issues that arise when creating connections among purchased applications, legacy systems and new applications, Gartner research can help you make strategic decisions regarding product selection as well as costs, benefits and best practices.

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

Build on the cornerstones of infrastructure, applications and best practices to deliver management insight from enterprise applications and data. BI tools and applications deliver a range of reporting and analysis. Combine BI solutions with effective structure, quality improvement and governance of information and learn to maximize payback and minimize risk.

Business Process Management

Services and tools that support explicit process management (analysis, definition, execution, monitoring, administration), BPM solutions have proven effective at creating and improving business processes. Gartner research will help you plan, develop, purchase and install BPM tools that will maximize your short-term savings and long-term value.

Consumer Technologies

The proliferation of home digital products and services demonstrates that technological maturity alone does not ensure market success. Consumers also require ease of use and clear utility to embrace new technologies. Gartner research analyzes consumer market trends and buying triggers for a wide range of digital technologies.

Customer Relationship Management

Learn how to balance business needs with demands of customers, consumers and constituents. CRM coverage addresses increased emphasis on customer wants and needs through customer-centric strategies. Gartner research includes coverage of business intelligence, customer data integration and other technologies, as well as the people and process issues that surround them.

Data Management & Integration

Strategies, trends, technologies, and vendors that enable effective structure, management, leverage, and governance of information. Key components of Data Management and Integration include data integration, data quality, database management systems (DBMS), data warehousing trends, and enterprise information management (EIM).

Emerging Trends & Technologies

As technology continues to advance and its impact reverberates in every aspect of business and society, planners and investors need to understand when to embrace a technology-enabled trend in its formative stages versus when to ride out the hype cycle. Gartner research identifies the most disruptive trends arising from emerging information technology and assesses their potential impact.

Enterprise Architecture

Learn how to establish a decision framework that enables the various parts of an organization to articulate how information and technology can be used in the context of business strategy. Gartner research will help you understand how to deploy an enterprise architecture program that will improve business and technology decisions.

ERP & Supply Chain Management

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software continues to play a vital role in centralizing enterprise transaction data. Supply chain management solutions are gaining renewed significance as organizations strive to respond more quickly to market conditions. Gartner provides insight and guidance relating to the selection, implementation and management of these technologies.

High-Performance Workplace

The tools, technologies and methods that help users get their jobs done. The High Performance Workplace integrates a diversity of perspectives and a wide swath of technologies, including business intelligence, collaboration support, business process management, content and knowledge management, communications, e-learning, productivity tools and related infrastructure.

IT Asset Management

A critical task for any business is understanding and controlling costs and associated cost drivers. IT asset management is a fundamental IT discipline that lays a foundation for improved cost control and deeper understanding of the business value of IT. Gartner research helps IT organizations develop world-class IT asset management programs that improve procurement, optimize costs and establish IT credibility throughout the enterprise.

IT Management

Most companies can exploit technology to improve business results. Whether they do depends largely on the interaction between business and IT leaders. Gartner research delves into IT management practices, disciplines and attributes to help companies succeed - through governance, strategic planning, financial management, risk analysis and organizational performance.

IT Operations

Achieve excellence in production operations, infrastructure and service management. Gartner's IT operations research provides comprehensive coverage of organizational alignment challenges, management system architecture, best-practice process frameworks, process definitions and integration, operations management software and suppliers, and metrics.

IT Services

Organizations must understand their options in the IT services market and how to work with service providers to achieve beneficial results while avoiding problems. Gartner research covers all segments of the global IT services market, including consulting, integration and development, network services and product support.

Mobile & Wireless

Mobile and wireless technologies must be at the strategic heart of every organization's IT plans. As these technologies proliferate and mature, they will bring new consumer and business applications to more places and devices. Gartner research provides guidance on mobile and wireless market trends, product characteristics and deployment best practices.

Networking & communications Equipment

Enterprise network design requires a thorough understanding of technology trends and characteristics and other considerations that impact provisioning decisions. Gartner research focuses on diagnosing problems, gauging the impact of new applications on network and prioritizing the projects that will deliver the most value.

Networking & communications Services

Understand how to exploit technology and market trends to deliver consistently excellent network service levels while minimizing costs. Learn contract negotiation and cost management best practices for traditional communications services, plus how to evaluate and select outsourcing alternatives. Gartner research covers the critical sourcing, staffing and management issues.

Open Source

Organizations considering enterprise Linux and open-source solutions must be guided by the principles of fitness for purpose and value for money. They must understand the maturity level of open-source solutions in various areas of software production, as well as the latest issues relevant to technology, operating systems, policies and practices.


More than just a cost-cutting tactic, outsourcing must be managed as a strategic initiative that can shape your enterprise. Outsourcing options include IT services (infrastructure and applications) and business process outsourcing (BPO). Gartner provides guidance on sourcing strategy, vendor evaluation and selection, contract development and managing an outsourcing relationship.

PCs, Laptops & Handheld Devices

Market data and analysis of buying criteria relevant to enterprise procurement, deployment and management of PCs and handheld computers. Gartner analyzes product functionality and market trends and explains the decision frameworks and methodologies that organizations should employ when making client platform decisions.

Regulatory Compliance

Senior managers are focusing on compliance concerns because of their impact on all aspects of business operations. Efforts to comply with regulatory requirements must be supported by appropriate IT systems. Gartner research covers relevant technology solutions and provides guidance for IT and business leaders seeking to manage risks and automate controls.

Security & Privacy

Information security and privacy concerns are a high priority for many enterprises. Organizations should focus on their business needs and risk assessments to prioritize security initiatives. Gartner research covers the latest threats and countermeasures, product data and market analysis and how to implement effective security policies and management practices.

Servers & Storage

Trend analysis and advice pertaining to the server, storage and storage management markets. Gartner research analyzes vendor technology strategies and product offerings and provides guidance on the procurement, deployment and management of server and storage hardware and software.

Web Services

Enterprises that derive value from basic Web services must explore how to exploit this new development paradigm. Users must be protected from the risks of Web services, while still reaping the benefits. Gartner research provides insight into Web services technology and how it is used by leading organizations.

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