Sizing Up IT: Midsize Enterprises in Spotlight

Too often, midsize enterprises are viewed as having the same challenges as larger enterprises, just in smaller proportions. But Gartner analyst Neil Wynne says, not so fast. “The reality is that midsize enterprises have an entirely different economic, cultural and managerial environment. They are unique, and not just scaled-down versions of large enterprises. So it’s … Continued

I&O, Stop Managing & Start Leading

Here’s a challenge for you and your I&O teams, it’s time to stop being IT managers and step up to be enterprise leaders. Mike Chuba is a research vice president at Gartner:   “I think the notion that most I&O leaders have worked under is this idea aligning with the business. But when you talk … Continued

Blurred Threats: A Conversation with Ex-NATO Commander James Stavridis

He battled ISIS, the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, but what really worries Retired U.S. Admiral James Stavridis are the threats that concern you most. “When I was the Supreme Allied Commander at NATO, people would say to me, ‘Admiral, well, what really keeps you awake at night? Is it Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, the Balkans, piracy … Continued

Box CIO Paul Chapman: How to Go Digital

As we resume our conversation with Box CIO Paul Chapman, we need to grasp today’s overriding business lesson: Go digital or go home. “Since the Year 2000, I think we’ve seen over 50 percent of the Fortune 500 disappear. And if you do the math, that actually equates to more than one per month has … Continued

Digital Transformation: A Conversation with Box CIO Paul Chapman

How do you ensure your company’s not boxed in by digital disruption? Who better to ask that to than the CIO of Box, Paul Chapman? “One of misconceptions a lot of the time is that people naturally gravitate toward this being a technology solve, that going digital is about implementing a set of technologies that … Continued

Midsize Enterprise CIOs: Digital Impact in 3-2-1

How can CIOs at midsize enterprises come up big on digital transformation? Gartner analyst Jose Ruggero says it’s time for CIOs to step up as role models for their business leaders: “Typically what we see is a CEO will sit down with a CIO and go through a list of potential projects and there’s X … Continued

Gartner Supply Chain Top 25: Key Trends

We hear how digital is changing everything in business for organizations of all sizes. So what trends are driving the evolution of the supply chain and driving success for the best supply chains in the world? Gartner analyst Stan Aronow says you could start by asking, What can robots do for you? “One of the … Continued

World-Class Logistics: Gartner Supply Chain Top 25

There’s an old cliche about change that says, “To make an omelette, you have to break some eggs.” Apparently, that works for supply chains, too, at least in the case of the global hamburger giant McDonald’s. Stan Aronow is a research vice president at Gartner: “They recently announced that they’re moving to cage-free eggs in … Continued

Determine Your Organization’s Best AI Approach

It’s called artificial intelligence, but the buzz around it is very real. We hear every scenario … from how it will completely change the way we do business and drive unprecedented success – to doomsday scenarios that say the machines are taking over. Whit Andrews is a lead author of the new Gartner special report “Applied … Continued

Infonomics: Unleash Your Best Asset

Chances are very good that you have an incredible competitive advantage already in-house at your organization — and you are not taking advantage of it. The real fuel for the digital era is your information. Doug Laney is a research vice president at Gartner: “People who talk about information as the new oil, no disrespect … Continued

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