Unleash the Power of Your Business Ecosystems

Cliché alert – IT has made us more interconnected than ever before. Now the wake-up call – we’re really not taking full advantage of that yet. Here’s Gartner Research Vice President and Distinguished Analyst Betsy Burton: “All organizations have always existed in business ecosystems, however, it’s important to realize that there’s something really different today. And … Continued

Can Security Keep Pace with Digital? Part 2

Digital security is not just about reacting to the latest threats; it’s about making security a strategic part of your business strategy. But are we ready to? “When we walk into that first meeting and first do this, describe your infrastructure for us, tell me where your data is, they can’t. And when they do, … Continued

Can Security Keep Pace with Digital? Part 1

We know security is an important part of the business equation. Obviously you can’t operate if your networks are down or your data is hacked. But iIWe head to London this time around for an extended conversation with some of the top security experts in Gartner Consulting: “I was with a CISO a couple of … Continued

Q2 IT Spend Yields Hopeful Signs

They say if you want to get the real story, you follow the money. And as we have passed the halfway point of 2017, it’s time to read the financial tea leaves we know better as the second-quarter global IT spend. John Lovelock is the chief forecaster at Gartner: “We’re in a move where CEOs are … Continued

Seize the “Business Moment”

Once, everyone thought the world would belong to the digital natives, those not tied down by traditional, legacy infrastructure. Yet, a funny thing happened on the way to digital disruption; the disrupted are becoming the disruptor. Here’s Gartner analyst David Yockelson: “So the good news is the party’s not over, the world isn’t coming to an … Continued

Your Future Depends on Digital Trust

The fate of your organization could rest on the answer to one question: Do you trust your refrigerator? “When Scott’s fridge is buying beer for him, we need to make sure that fridge can really act on behalf of Scott in that very particular context, and that entity is fully able to and willing to … Continued

Mobile: Are We Really Secure?

Let’s state the obvious: As business becomes more mobile, it lets us do more in more places and reach more people — but it also raises more risk. So as we become more mobile, mobile security becomes more crucial to our success. Is mobile security keeping pace with mobile business? Patrick Hevesi is a research director at Gartner: … Continued

Is the Cloud Outlook Really that Bright?

Chances are very good that you are already in the cloud in some way. But are you doing it the right way? Eli Khnaser is a research director at Gartner: “The mistake that I see a lot of organizations make is the ad hoc adoption of cloud, is the fact that there isn’t a structured … Continued

What Is Your CEO Thinking?

It’s a question that is top of mind for any IT executive, one that can make or break your career – what is my CEO thinking? Hi, I’m Scott Smith for Gartner ThinkCast, and Mark Raskino knows what CEOs are thinking about. Mark heads up the annual Gartner CEO Survey. “In the majority of our … Continued

Be Your CEO’s Top Digital Ally

CEOs’ digital goals keep getting more ambitious. That can create more success for the enterprise, but it also can create more risk. So, the question that  IT leaders should be thinking is: How can I help my CEO reach those goals? “Fueling out the transformation, that really comes in two parts going out to scale … Continued

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