Driving Value from Big Data

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Organizations have increased their understanding of what big data is and what value it can potentially deliver to the business. With this shift comes a new set of hurdles spanning people, process and technology. This special report explores those hurdles and how information leaders can overcome them.

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Big Data Research

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How to Derive Value From Big Data for CRM

28 February 2013

Big data presents both challenges and opportunities to customer-centric strategies. CRM leaders must work with IT to acquire, manage, analyze and apply big data insights successfully to customer processes. Gartner has developed four best practices.

Information Governance in the Age of Big Data

30 May 2013

Organizations should not assume that the perceived value and urgency of big data opportunities outweigh the need for clear-headed information governance because doing so would heighten liability risks and lead to possibly incorrect insights from big data.

Big Data Forces Big Change in the Age of Smart Government

29 June 2012

Traditional information management practices in government are inadequate when it comes to dealing with big data. This research provides guidance for government CIOs and enterprise architects seeking business value from a variety of data streams and sources, collectively referred to as "big data."

The Confluence of Operational Technology and Big Data

21 August 2013

Interlacing operational technology and "big data" initiatives can generate lucrative supplemental benefits. Information strategists should plan to use OT-generated data to bolster analytics and exploit big data sources to enhance the performance of OT solutions.

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