Driving Value from Big Data

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Organizations have increased their understanding of what big data is and what value it can potentially deliver to the business. With this shift comes a new set of hurdles spanning people, process and technology. This special report explores those hurdles and how information leaders can overcome them.

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Big Data Research

Think Beyond Technology

Big Data Business Benefits Are Hampered by 'Culture Clash'

12 September 2013

Business analysts have typically worked to a requirements-based model, answering clearly-defined business questions. Big data, however, demands a different approach, using opportunistic analytics and exploring answers to ill-formed or nonexistent questions.

Big Data Forces Big Change in the Age of Smart Government

29 June 2013

Traditional information management practices in government are inadequate when it comes to dealing with big data. This research provides guidance for government CIOs and enterprise architects seeking business value from a variety of data streams and sources, collectively referred to as "big data."

How IT Should Deepen Big Data Analysis to Support Customer-Centricity

26 June 2013

As customer service organizations transform large, varied data sources into insight on customer requirements, big data is evolving from a vague concept to a precise meaning. CIOs and IT leaders who fail to harness big data to build customer-centricity across service channels are risking their jobs.

Big Data Initiatives

Survey Analysis: Big Data Adoption in 2013 Shows Substance Behind the Hype

12 September 2013

In Gartner's 2013 big data study, information and business leaders most often associate the term "opportunity" with "big data." This positive attitude translates to increased investments in and adoption of big data technology.

Toolkit: Big Data Business Opportunities from Over 100 Use Cases

11 July 2013

Big data is a major force in all industries. Information leaders should look to industries other than their own for inspiration on how to exploit big data in their organization. To help them, this Toolkit provides over 100 examples of successful use cases.

How to Derive Value from Big Data for CRM

28 February 2013

Big data presents both challenges and opportunities to customer-centric strategies. CRM leaders must work with IT to acquire, manage, analyze and apply big data insights successfully to customer processes. Gartner has developed four best practices.

People, Technology & Process

Organizational Principles for Placing Advanced Analytics and Data Science Teams

4 September 2013

The big push of big data drives many organizations to establish new advanced analytics or data science teams. Here we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the most common organizational settings for placing data scientists.

Hype Cycle For Big Data, 2013

31 July 2013

Big data is a phenomenon of data usage closely linked to the "Information Age." This Hype Cycle will help enterprise information strategists separate differing approaches and technology solutions in order to find a new way of working with huge amounts of information that will be the new norm.

Applying the Big Data Ecosystem

30 July 2013

The goal of any big data initiative is to impact business outcomes positively. After determining the vision and strategy, IT leaders need to develop their technology approach. Understanding the differences in available technologies and how they interact is crucial to maximizing big data investment.

Who's Who in NoSQL DBMSs

23 August 2013

The market for NoSQL database management systems continues to mature as new vendors enter while existing vendors grow, add mainstream customers and enhance their offerings with new rounds of funding. This "Who's Who" examines some prominent vendors and product offerings in the NoSQL space.

Big Data Governance from Truth to Trust

18 July 2013

Business leaders recognize that big data can help deliver better business results through valuable insights. Without an understanding of the trust implicit in the big data (and applying information trust models), organizations maybe be taking risks that undermine the value they seek.

The Road Map for Successful Big Data Adoption

19 August 2013

Companies adopting big data solutions are unsure what to expect and when to expect it. They want to know where they are and how to move forward. This research outlines typical stages and milestones of big data adoption, from initiation to a data-driven enterprise.

Information Governance in the Age of Big Data

30 May 2013

Organizations should not assume that the perceived value and urgency of big data opportunities outweigh the need for clear-headed information governance because doing so would heighten liability risks and lead to possibly incorrect insights from big data.


Confluence of Operational Technology and Big Data

21 August 2013

Interlacing operational technology and "big data" initiatives can generate lucrative supplemental benefits. Information strategists should plan to use OT-generated data to bolster analytics and exploit big data sources to enhance the performance of OT solutions.

Big Data Adoption in the Logical Data Warehouse

7 February 2013

Gartner survey results indicate that leading organizations are adding big data to their data warehouse and data integration infrastructure. IT leaders and information managers must plan to address big data in their integration infrastructure and warehouse.

The State of Data Warehousing in 2013 and Beyond

20 March 2013

The logical data warehouse will become even more important to analytics and information management as it contends with the Nexus of Forces. This document describes trends in the market for data warehouse DBMSs, to help IT leaders derive maximum value from their information.

Use Big Data Analytics to Solve Fraud and Security Problems

29 March 2013

Big data analytics is successfully used to combat many fraud and security threats. Return on investment is very high in well-defined use cases managed by skilled staff.

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