Insight For Your Role

Business Intelligence & Information Management

Companies increasingly view business intelligence and information management disciplines as critical to their business. Gartner's research shows BIIM leaders how to turn what are often tactical projects into strategic initiatives.

Insight for your role

The Business Intelligence & Information Management Role

  • If you are a BIIM leader, Gartner's research helps you perform your current role better. Our research boosts your effectiveness as a leader by developing your skills to build and manage a team. We can help you create a career road map and recommend ways to meet your goals.

    Our research will help you develop business skills for your role. If you're just entering this role, we can guide your thinking about how to get started. Our advice helps you develop trust between the IT organization and the business, such as by communicating effectively with upper management and across business units. We also help you articulate your vision.

    Our reports show you how to meet the growing expectations of CIOs and CEOs for initiatives that will help grow and transform their business in areas such as:

    • Business intelligence and analytics
    • Information management
    • Information innovation
    • Content management
    • Social software and collaboration

Top Key Initiatives for This Role

  • Analytics:

    Gartner's Analytics Key Initiative will focus on three analytical styles: predictive, real-time and content. Investments in these areas will yield insights to optimize various business domains.

    Business Intelligence and Performance Management:

    Business intelligence and performance management initiatives help enterprises align their organizations with consistent and insightful measurement and decision support systems.

    Information Innovation:

    A recent Key Initiative to help business and IT leaders strategize about information's increasing role as a critical corporate asset, including how to manage, measure and monetize it better.

    Content, Collaboration and Social Initiatives:

    Content, collaboration and social capabilities enable people to find and manage the right content and to work together effectively.

    Information Infrastructure Modernization:

    This Key Initiative describes how to deploy an effective enabling technology infrastructure in support of information management goals and to derive business value from data and content.