Unlock Digital Business Value Through the Economics of Connections

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In digital business, connections give people, businesses and intelligent "things" value. This special report explains how digital business leaders need to design flexible ecosystems to exploit the economics of connections.

Don Scheibenreif, VP Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, discusses how to unlock digital business value through the economics of connections.

Digital Business Research

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Adjust Your Investments in Digital Business to Exploit the Economics of Connections

16 March 2016

With the Internet of Things joining people and businesses in the connected world, the value of all these assets expands greatly. Enterprise architecture leaders must apply new approaches to capitalize on the new economics of connections.

Architect Digital Business to Maximize the Value of Dynamic Economic Agents

14 February 2016

In digital business, economic agents will dynamically shift roles based on context; today's customer is tomorrow's partner or even competitor. Enterprise architects must recognize the dynamic roles an agent can play and how they will affect business and technology investments.

Leading Indicators Are a Critical Tool for Digital Business

5 February 2016

Technology is at the heart of value creation, and leading indicators are an important tool to support business models that exploit the digital revolution. To plan, track and manage digital investments, enterprises must use "digitally oriented" leading indicators to drive competitive advantage.

Enabling Capabilities and Technologies for the Economics of Connections

4 March 2016

Value creation opportunities are expanding with digital business, as things join people and business in a connected world. Enterprise architecture practitioners must understand the key enabling capabilities and technologies and how they will affect digital business design.

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