Leading Into the Learning Curve as Your Digital Business Matures

CIOs and other IT and business leaders have done a good job of getting their colleagues to see the promise of digital business; now they have to design and deliver on digital business to make it a reality.

Digital Business Research

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An Overview of Digital Design for CIOs

30 June 2016

CIOs are increasingly hearing about the importance of digital design, but are unclear on exactly what it is, how it differs from what enterprise IT is already doing, and what implications it has for organization structures and planning. This research clarifies these questions about digital design.

Mastering Data and Analytics: 'Table Stakes' for Digital Business

10 June 2016

This research examines the need for data and analytics to be seen as a core capability for digital business. It argues for applying data and analytics for intelligent business processes and decision design, and urges CDOs and CAOs to address these issues systemically, not incrementally.

Building a Digital Business Technology Platform

8 June 2016

What are the technology building blocks an enterprise needs to support digital business? This report details how CIOs and IT leaders can use the five major platforms required to enable the new capabilities and business models of digital business.

CIOs Should Balance Digital Design Centers and Digital Design Centers of Excellence

2 June 2016

Digital design is a core competency required by any digital business. CIOs will play a central role in manifesting this competency, and should do so through careful combination of digital design center and digital design COE.

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