Industry Visions for Digital Business Set the Terms of Competition

Digital business transformation has largely focused on operational efficiency. The potential is much greater. CIOs and other digital business leaders can set the terms of competition by creating an industry-specific vision.

Kristen Moyer, Gartner Research VP & Distinguished Analyst, discusses how CIOs and IT leaders can drive further digital transformation through an Industry Vision.

Digital Business Research

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Industry Vision: Reimagining the Retail Store With Smart Machines

4 May 2016

One way to pursue digital business transformation is to create an industry-specific vision. This research explores ways smart machines will continue to transform the retail store and assist CIOs to enable strategic digital business transformation.

Industry Vision: Turning Your Business Into a Platform

9 May 2016

One way to achieve digital business transformation is to create an industry-specific vision. CIOs should lead the effort to turn their businesses into platforms.

Industry Vision: Commerce That Comes to You

12 May 2016

Commerce leaders have made online transactions efficient and customer-friendly. Now they need to enable customers to design their own commerce experiences in a way that solves problems and makes their daily lives easier.

Industry Vision: How to Create a One-Page Industry Strategy

13 May 2016

Each industry has its own business model and measures of success. For a company that does not have a documented business strategy, CIOs can use industry standards as an excellent starting point from which to articulate and extend enterprise success in the form of a one-page strategy.

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