Gamification: Engagement Strategies for Business and IT

Gamification has emerged as a significant trend in recent years. Gamification uses game mechanics and game design techniques in non-gaming context – it's a powerful tool to engage employees, customers and the public to change behaviors, develop skills and drive innovation. Our Special Report evaluates the trends, how gamification is being applied in various industries and explores its future opportunities.

Research VP Brian Burke discusses the trend of gamification and how it's being utilized in the enterprise.

Gamification Research

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Gamification 2020: What Is the Future of Gamification?

5 November 2012

Gamification is a tool to design behaviors, develop skills and enable innovation. Combined with other technologies and trends, gamification can cause major discontinuities in innovation, employee performance management, education, personal development and customer engagement.

The Implications of Gamification on IT Operations

7 August 2012

IT service management change initiatives require significant effort to change people's behavior. Gamification provides an opportunity to engage individuals, and to modify and reinforce individual behavior, increasing the likelihood of project success.

How Social Gamification Improves the Success Rate of Retail New Product Launches

2 August 2012

Retailers want to obtain customer information that enables improved decision making in stores and at headquarters. Supply chain leaders should follow the best practices David's Bridal uses to accurately measure customer responses to styles before launching them in stores.

Gamification Will Induce Employees to Use HCM Solutions

8 November 2012

Gamification can dramatically increase participation in human capital management processes, such as e-learning, performance management and recruitment. HR managers should apply gamification to processes with low voluntary participation, and look beyond traditional HCM vendors.

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