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IT Infrastructure and Operations Management

Whether it's developing next-generation skills or optimizing costs of current workloads to free up budget dollars for new efforts, IT infrastructure and operations leaders are facing tremendous challenges. The need to develop and manage a flexible infrastructure has emerged as a top priority.

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How to Build Best-Practice Infrastructure Capacity Plans

A key ITSM discipline, capacity and performance planning is key to delivering infrastructure that is agile and capital-efficient. Infrastructure leaders can use such approaches to proactively justify investment, reduce the risk of SLA breaches due to shortfalls and increase business satisfaction.

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Cloud Infrastructure "aaS" With Traditional Outsourcing Solutions

Designed for senior IT Managers, this practical session provides attendees with critical factors that will help ensure success when seeking, buying, implementing and managing "aaS" outsourcing deals, including key selection criteria, pricing models, service levels and contract structures.

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