Gartner Market ForecastGartner Market Forecast

Where are Markets Headed?
How do you quantify the impact of a market’s business drivers? Is a market growing, retreating or flat? The best answers come from an analysis of both supply and demand, comparing technology investment trends in the provider community with the spending trends of end users. It’s a unique picture you get from Gartner, based on our relationships with thousands of end users and providers. And it’s a view you can’t get anywhere else.

How Do You Use Market Forecasts?

Clients use our Market Forecasts as checks against their own internal forecasts in the telecom, IT services, software, hardware and semiconductor industries.

Clients trust our relationships with 10,000 distinct organizations worldwide across both the provider and end-user communities to give them a picture of supply and demand they can only get from Gartner. They use our forecasts to balance internal bias with an objective view.

How Do Market Forecasts Work?

Our Market Forecasts use primary surveys, inquiry analysis and secondary sources to help you fully understand a market’s future spending pattern. We cover a broad supply chain—from raw materials to semiconductors, to systems, software and services.

Gartner forecasts provide two years of history while peering five years into the future. You get a comprehensive understanding of supply and demand by market, country and global region.

Forecasts track the complete supply chain of hundreds of products and services, allowing us to reconcile top-down and bottom-up approaches to market forecasting. And they are more than a quantitative exercise. Quarterly data includes analysis and a summary of how we believe market trends will play out.