Gartner Market ShareGartner Market Share

How is Revenue Allocated Across a Market's Leading Technology Providers?
Understanding market share is one of the most important metrics used by executives in any business. Through our Market Share Analysis methodology, clients see how share is allocated among 400 technology providers in 37 key markets. Our detailed analysis of how provider revenue is allocated reveals what types of solutions are succeeding, which are trailing and where opportunities exist for providers to take additional share.

Other Views of Market Share Analysis

We will from time to time examine markets from different perspectives to enhance our understanding of them and identify shifts which may not be evident from examination of revenue alone. Although revenue is the primary basis for our estimates of market share, metrics such as "seat share" may be used as an adjunct to revenue when looking at different markets.

How Do You Use Market Share Analysis?

End-user clients depend on our Market Share Analysis to validate their evaluation of a market’s leading providers. Technology providers use our share analysis to better understand their own market position. The timeliness of our share data gives clients confidence in using it to support their important business decisions. Many markets are updated quarterly. All are updated annually.

How Does Market Share Analysis Work?

Our approach to Market Share Analysis combines primary surveys and vendor briefings with secondary research such as public financial disclosures, industry trade association material and government statistics.

Multiple data points ensure that the statistics we report are objective and accurate.

Our market share methodology has quality checks in place to make sure potential double-counting across sectors doesn't happen. It's another process we have in place to ensure that we accurately quantify market share, helping you make the most informed decisions possible.

Any estimate of market share – whether based on revenue or another metric – is a combination of fact and expert judgment; backed by a methodologically sound research process. Clients are assured that even when we diverge from our standard of revenue-based share that our estimates are well supported.