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Digital business disrupts IT, redefines the power of the consumer, and redraws the lines of competition across multiple industries. Businesses must act rapidly to respond to fundamental changes in competitive challenges, customer demands and technology use models.

Gartner's Predicts 2015 Special Report points out the multiple ways CIOs, IT leaders, marketing leaders and technology providers can use technology to deliver real-world business value.

Managing VP & Gartner Fellow Daryl Plummer discusses the significant impacts of the evolution of digital business.

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Gartner Predicts 2015 Research

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Top 10 Strategic Predictions for 2015 and Beyond: Digital Business is Driving 'Big Change'

4 October 2014

Digitalization and the digital business are catalysts of change that are affecting the human-machine relationship and driving better customer outcomes. IT leaders should use Gartner's predictions as planning assumptions on which to base their strategic plans.

Top Industry Predictions for 2015: Digital Business Transformation Gets Underway

11 December 2014

This research is a quick reference guide to Gartner analysts' predictions highlighting where, when and how digital business will bring about transformation in 14 different industry segments.

Predicts 2015: Digital Business Disrupts Paradigms — Financial, Military and Process

21 November 2014

This research centers on the disruption of existing industries and business models, and examines the impact of digital business in three areas: financial, military and process. In each case, new paradigms emerge to redefine the rules of competition in an industry for digital business leaders.

Predicts 2015: Cloud Computing Goes Beyond IT Into Digital Business

24 November 2014

Digital businesses rely on the agility, scalability and other attributes of cloud solutions, but the landscape is still rapidly evolving. To build competitive advantage and cuts costs, CIOs and other IT leaders need to constantly adapt their strategies to leverage increasing cloud capabilities.

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