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Smart machines, 3D printing and digital business are just a few of the disruptions that are impacting business and IT. With so much change, IT leaders face a new set of realities moving forward. Gartner's 2014 Predicts Special Report explores how to exploit the digital revolution now.

Managing VP & Gartner Fellow Daryl Plummer discusses the top predictions for 2014.

Gartner Predicts 2014 Research

Predicts 2014: 3D Printing at the Inflection Point

2 December 2013

The 3D printer market is poised to emerge from years of low growth and to double year over year by 2017. Our predictions provide critical insights about the opportunities and risks that 3D printing brings.

Predicts 2014: Advances in Risk Management Technology Will Improve Corporate Performance and Public Policy

7 November 2013

Risk management influences the decisions of business and IT leaders, yet the effective use of IT solutions lags other management disciplines. CIOs and CISOs should look to future IT advances to enable better risk management programs and significantly improved corporate performance and public policy.

Predicts 2014: Application Development

19 November 2013

Gartner's 2014 application development predictions highlight a growing capabilities gap between the services and skills needed by organizations and the internal AD team's ability to deliver them at the required scale.

Predicts 2014: Apps, Personal Cloud and Data Analytics Will Drive New Consumer Interactions

22 November 2013

Mobile apps have become the official channel to drive content and services to consumers. Using big data collated via apps can drastically improve value to consumers. Businesses that develop data tracking and analytics will improve delivery to customers, increasing customer loyalty and acquisition.

Predicts 2014: Automation Brings Promise to IT Operations Management, But at What Cost?

12 December 2013

IT operations organizations will remain under pressure to increase their value proposition to the business while reducing the associated cost. Increased automation and the reduction of systemic complexity are paramount to this objective.

Predicts 2014: Big Data

20 November 2013

Gartner's 2014 predictions explore how the developing maturity and awareness of big data impacts analytics, resources, data center infrastructure and consumer privacy. Enterprises must adapt to this quickly changing landscape to establish an analytical competitive advantage.

Predicts 2014: Building the Digitalized Supply Chain

11 November 2013

Digitalized supply chains rely on technology to automate the response to demand, transform the customer experience and maximize talent. Supply chain leaders should use this research to build their digitalization strategies.

Predicts 2014: Business Continuity Management and IT Disaster Recovery Management

26 November 2013

Sophisticated disaster recovery strategies are needed due to the growing risk of availability failure. The use of snapshot and replication techniques, IT services failover to multiple data centers, and BCM planning software will improve the effectiveness and maturity of your BCM program.

Predicts 2014: The Business Impact of the 'SMART' Technologies

12 December 2013

Five key emerging technologies presage an era of unrivaled disruption at a personal, business and even industry level. Organizations that embrace and master these technologies will uncover significant opportunities in an otherwise-volatile business landscape.

Predicts 2014: Business Intelligence and Analytics Will Remain CIO's Top Technology Priority

25 November 2013

Major changes are imminent to the world of BI and analytics: the dominance of data discovery techniques, wider use of real-time streaming event data and the eventual acceleration in BI and analytics spending when big data finally matures. We help CIOs recognize the most suitable options available.

Predicts 2014: Business Process Reinvention Is Vital to Digital Business Transformation

15 November 2013

Five predictions reflect the critical role that dynamic BPM plays in process reinvention, and the exploitation of "business moments" necessary to successful digital business transformation. First-mover businesses have mastered dynamic BPM to digitalize and reinvent their processes.

Predicts 2014: Cloud Computing Affects All Aspects of IT

4 December 2013

Gartner's 2014 cloud computing predictions shed light on the evolution of the concept as it continues its path toward becoming more and more integral to IT. IT organizations will need to monitor developments in order to adapt their cloud strategies to the realities of tomorrow.

Predicts 2014: Cognizant Computing — Another Kind of Smart Device

12 December 2013

PCs, smartphones and tablets are undergoing a huge transformation, and while doing this, they are responsible for changing how consumers interact with technology, the personal cloud and each other.

Predicts 2014: Consumer Analytics and Personalized User Experiences Transform Competitive Advantage

25 November 2013

Big data analytics, crowdsourcing and virtual assistants enable a deeper knowledge of consumers, which will transform how TSPs differentiate themselves. Build competitive advantage with cognizant computing by tailoring products and mobile cloud services to the preferences of individual consumers.

Predicts 2014: Consumerization Impacts Enterprises' Social and Collaboration Strategies

13 November 2013

Gartner's five predictions highlight the major impact that IT consumerization trends will have on enterprises' social and collaboration strategies and on the broader workplace environment.

Predicts 2014: Content Gets Bigger, Richer and More Personal

5 December 2013

Content is growing in volume, complexity and diversity at a rate that often outpaces organizations' ability to manage and exploit it. At the same time, the tools they deploy for content management often fail to meet changing user needs. IT leaders should factor our predictions into their strategies.

Predicts 2014: CRM Sales

13 November 2013

Weaving concepts together such as digital business, mobility, big data and social will yield revenue gains for sales organizations in 2014.

Predicts 2014: Customer Support and the Engaged Enterprise

15 November 2013

Customer service is re-emerging as the core business strategy to create a winning customer experience. Great service needs to be consistent across all mobile devices, as well as social and digital media channels. It also needs to be personalized and consistent with marketing efforts.

Predicts 2014: The Digital Economy and the Cloud Raise New Licensing, Services and ITAD Challenges for ITAM and Procurement

28 November 2013

The digital economy, the rise of external IT and software asset management services, and the globalization of IT asset disposition create licensing and compliance risks. Procurement and ITAM leaders who ignore these are risking higher costs and their companies' competitive advantage.

Predicts 2014: Digital Marketers Create New Rules of Engagement

6 December 2013

In the next five years, traditional marketing and selling will shift to digital channels to capitalize on the "power to the people" phenomenon that is displacing brand-centric strategies in favor of buyer-driven everything.

Predicts 2014: The Diverse Spectrum of PaaS to Match the Diverse Cloud Business

3 December 2013

A growing number of application infrastructure capabilities, formerly usable only by trained IT professionals, are exposed to business users as high-productivity cloud-platform services. IT leaders should expand their market to all of the enterprise organization.

Predicts 2014: E-Commerce Becomes Digital for Those that Can Adapt Fast

26 November 2013

E-commerce is being propelled into a new realm of digital commerce, incorporating mobile, social and cloud technology in order to enable an increase in conversions and average order values.

Predicts 2014: Emerging Markets' IT Adoption at the Core of their Transformation

27 November 2013

Emerging markets' real GDP is expected to grow 4.1% in 2014, continuing positive trends for volumes of goods and services transactions where IT is at the center. 3D printing, cloud storage, big data, smart city technology and go-to-market consumer methodologies will be part of the growing IT demand.

Predicts 2014: The Emerging Smart Machine Era

21 November 2013

Significant competitive advantages await early adopters of smart advisors, starting in 2014; contextually aware intelligent personal assistants, starting in 2015; and, by 2020, advanced global industrial networks and early autonomous vehicles. IT leaders should act now as laggards will lose.

Predicts 2014: Enterprise Application Architecture Will Enable Agile Development and Web-Scale Availability

31 December 2013

Integrative composite applications must often provide Web-scale availability, recoverability and agility. Managers responsible for application development must ensure their designs support multiple user interfaces and user devices while also accommodating agile development and deployment.

Predicts 2014: Enterprise Architect Role Headed for Dramatic Change

4 December 2013

Emerging business and technology trends are driving enterprise architecture practitioners to provide leadership and vision during turmoil and change. As a result, EA practitioners will take a very different approach to their role and the role of EA.

Predicts 2014: Global Logistics Differentiating for the Future

20 November 2013

Leaders of global logistics organizations must innovate and invest in new processes and technologies to remain relevant and competitive. Focusing myopically on cost reduction is no longer a valid strategy; logistics organizations must concentrate more on enhancing differentiation.

Predicts 2014: Global Procurement Technology Advances Will Drive Billions in Savings

25 November 2013

Buying organizations are growing ready to take advantage of advances in procurement and sourcing solution functionality. These advancements will deliver dramatic improvements in cost reduction and performance.

Predicts 2014: Green IT and Sustainability

13 December 2013

Sustainability issues relevant to IT leaders will include the power of social networks and inexpensive sensors to drive social change, the crash waiting to happen in mobile e-waste, emerging managed services for smart buildings, and the need for CIOs to engage in enterprise sustainability programs.

Predicts 2014: Identity and Access Management

26 November 2013

The Nexus of Forces is driving complex shifts in identity and access management. New entity interaction management platforms will arise as the market for external identity providers grows. CISOs will need to adopt people-centric, context-based strategies with attribute-based access control.

Predicts 2014: Information-Based Service and Operations Management Drive Data Center Infrastructure Transformation

31 December 2013

Data center initiatives will encompass facility and IT design to meet resource efficiency standards and become more business-service-oriented. New hybrid technology approaches support agility and productivity of data center scale.

Predicts 2014: Information Governance and MDM Are Critical for Digital Transformation

22 November 2013

Gartner predicts information handling and risk management will emerge as primary challenges to effective enterprise information governance and master data management in the near to midterm. We offer advice to CIOs and chief data officers that enable a strategic response to these challenges.

Predicts 2014: Infrastructure Protection

25 November 2013

The Nexus of Forces is challenging present-day practices in the protection of the enterprise's infrastructure. CISOs and strategic network, application, information, privacy and staffing leaders should use Gartner's forward-looking research to separate hyperbole from upcoming security realities.

Predicts 2014: Infrastructure Services Must Productize or Die

20 December 2013

New buyers with new expectations require providers to aggressively rationalize their portfolios while redesigning their delivery models to maintain margins and be seen to deliver tangible business process value.

Predicts 2014: In-Memory Computing Will Be Adopted to Deliver High-Impact Business Value

25 November 2013

Favored by maturing enabling software and main-memory rich commodity hardware, in-memory computing will deliver real business value to IT leaders by drastically improving core business processes. However, adoption will be incremental and will focus primarily on the most business-critical use cases.

Predicts 2014: Innovating with Information Will Demand New Data, Organizations and Ideas

29 November 2013

Our 2014 information innovation predictions consider the broadening expanse of data sources and use cases for big data and other transformative uses. Organizations will find the most value from unusual data sources used in non-traditional ways, particularly unconventional organization structures.

Predicts 2014: Marketing Technology Continues to Be a Hot Area for IT Investment

14 November 2013

Mobile marketing and big data continue to be focal points for marketing IT investments. Operational and executional excellence will be driven through MRM and IMM. Vendor pricing strategies are evolving.

Predicts 2014: Mobile and Wireless

8 November 2013

Mobility continues as an influencing force across the breadth of technology trends. We choose several predictions for IT leaders that highlight some of the challenges in revenue generation, the continued evolution of the mobile browser and BYOD deployment.

Predicts 2014: Mobile Security Won't Just Be About the Device

22 November 2013

Convergence of mobile, social and cloud technologies — key aspects of the Nexus of Forces — will challenge security approaches to mobility. CISOs and enterprise decision makers need to focus on strengthening application configuration, improving mobile testing and monitoring emerging technologies.

Predicts 2014: Modernizing Information Infrastructure

28 November 2013

The Nexus of Forces — cloud, social media, mobile and information — is having a profound impact on requirements for information infrastructure. Information leaders should focus on the issues raised and update their infrastructure with the help of Gartner's Information Capabilities Framework.

Predicts 2014: More Capacity and Efficiency, Less Cost — Managing Infinite Data from Every Direction

11 December 2013

The bidirectionality of data flows in corporate and consumer systems will engender new and enlarged dimensions of collision, convergence, dislocation and transformation; most of these new dimensions will demand more storage capacity and more cost-effective and efficient storage infrastructures.

Predicts 2014: Nexus Forces Redefine Human Capital Management

3 December 2013

Leading edge use cases and vendor investments show the potential of nexus elements to fundamentally transform human capital management processes, but impacts and implications are not uniform across every geography, industry or organization type.

Predicts 2014: Nexus of Forces Drives Evolution of Integration Strategy

26 November 2013

The impact of the Nexus of Forces and proliferating integration requirements includes new approaches to integration being adopted by central IT and LOBs, including new — more agile and hybrid — deployments, and innovations such as analytics and API networks.

Predicts 2014: Portal and Web Technologies

27 November 2013

While the next few years will exhibit a return to stability for a currently volatile Web world, IT Web leaders will have to equip themselves for continual change and improvement.

Predicts 2014: PPM Leaders Must Prepare for Extreme Transformation or Prepare New Resum�s

5 December 2013

2014 marks the beginning of a period of dramatic transformation. Those who've prepared will prevail, while those who haven't will fail.

Predicts 2014: The Rise of the Postmodern ERP and Enterprise Applications World

5 December 2013

As alternatives to monolithic, on-premises ERP and enterprise applications continue to mature, CIOs and application leaders must take action to address the fast-approaching reality of "legacy ERP" and its implications for their business in the postmodern world.

Predicts 2014: Seizing the Digital Business Advantage

11 December 2013

As businesses inject digital and electronic functions into products, services and channels, types and sources of competitive advantage morph. CIOs, strategists and business leaders must hone their branding, opportunity pipelines, capabilities and competitive intelligence.

Predicts 2014: Shifts in the CRM Market Will Impact IBM, Cloud and 100 Digital Agencies

10 December 2013

Significant fluctuations in CRM will concern sales, marketing, customer service and e-commerce leaders. In 2014, IBM will reach CRM software revenue of $1 billion, the shift to buying cloud CRM software will begin to slow, and large CRM consultancies will collectively buy over 100 digital agencies.

Predicts 2014: Supply Chains in Emerging Markets

18 November 2013

Opportunities with uncertainties and growth amid disruptions are the new norms for emerging markets. The 2014 predictions and recommendations outlined in this report should prepare global supply chain leaders to navigate these challenges.

Predicts 2014: Surveillance and Profiling Lead to Privacy-Related Reputation Risk

3 December 2013

This research provides privacy officers and risk and compliance managers an understanding of how surveillance and profiling create reputation risk, making the business impact hard to quantify.

Predicts 2014: Taking a 360-Degree View of IT Optimization Will Deliver Increased Value

19 November 2013

After years of tactical cost-cutting, it is time to optimize IT and business value, not just IT costs. Gartner's IT Optimization Framework can help IT leaders in their quest to achieve this goal.

Predicts 2014: Talent and Technology Will Drive Business Process Consulting and Outsourcing Services

21 November 2013

Our business process service predictions will provide guidance to BPS companies about the evolution of the BPS market during the next four years. Practice leaders, investors and BPS providers can use this research to prepare for what lies ahead in terms of macroeconomic market trends.

Predicts 2014: Unified Communications Accelerators Will Be Software- and Cloud-Oriented, but Less Interoperable

15 November 2013

Organizations looking to leverage UC capabilities for employees should favor a cloud-oriented, utility model. Product life cycles of enterprise platforms will shorten, and competitor platforms will be less interoperable.

Predicts 2014: A Vendor Management Discipline Is Vital to Success in the Digital Industrial Economy

26 November 2013

The digital industrial economy is changing the vendor landscape; bringing new, unproven and niche vendors into the portfolio, often introducing significant risk. Vendor management leaders must develop strategies to counter risks and reduce value leakage, for optimal business performance.

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Top Industries Predicts 2014: The Pressure for Fundamental Transformation Continues to Accelerate

4 October 2013

Most industries face accelerating pressure for fundamental transformation, including embracing digitalization to survive and stay competitive. Enterprises must respond immediately to build the right business and IT road map for future market demands.

Predicts 2014: Automotive Companies' Technology Leadership Will Determine the Industry's Future

19 November 2013

The connected vehicle will amplify automotive companies' business strategies from a product to a customer experience-centric value proposition and turn leaders into technology leaders.

Predicts 2014: Banks and Investment Services Firms Must Adapt to a Radically Changing Business Environment

7 November 2013

The most immediate pressures of the long economic downturn may be gone. However, banks and other financial services providers still face dramatic changes in everything from the nature of the competition to the expectations of their customers.

Predicts 2014: Consumerization Will Drive Energy and Utility Sector Transformation

22 November 2013

Consumerization will become the driving force in transforming the energy and utility industry, even though it is an asset-intensive sector. Understanding the impact and knowing where to deliver value on the journey to becoming a digital utility are critical for IT leaders.

Predicts 2014: Digitalization in Retail Means M-Commerce Grows, E-Commerce Slows, Personalization Misfires and 3D Printing Transforms

18 November 2013

Consumers are continuing to use the power of digital technologies to redefine the way in which they interact with retailers. Retail CIOs should advise the business on how to make the best use of retail technology to transition to customer-led business models.

Predicts 2014: Digitalization Will Force Insurers to Become More Agile

11 November 2013

Digitalization of business processes and models is a major challenge for IT managers from life and P&C insurers. Gartner has developed five key predictions highlighting how insurers will respond to changing customer requirements and market conditions.

Predicts 2014: Government CIOs Are Key to Moving the Digital Enterprise Forward

19 November 2013

Faced with relentless pressure to reduce overall costs and improve the performance of government, CIOs must choose between maintaining current operations or transforming government services with fully digitalized business models.

Predicts 2014: Healthcare Delivery Organization IT Leaders

27 November 2013

The past two decades have largely been directed at creating impactful relationships between clinicians and IT systems through EHRs. That effort will seem almost trivial compared to the new IT directions to engage patients and enable the real-time health system.

Predicts 2014: IT and OT Convergence Results in Changed Organizations

26 November 2013

IT and operational technology convergence is rapidly moving to the top of enterprise agendas as organizations begin to recognize its impact on their businesses. We offer four predictions to advise CIOs in affected organizations.

Predicts 2014: Life Science Manufacturers Transition to the Digitalized Era

27 November 2013

Life science companies are entering uncharted territory. To create new opportunities and maintain competitiveness, IT leaders must embrace the emerging digital technologies that will connect data, patients and collaborators.

Predicts 2014: Manufacturer R&D Gets Smarter About Innovation in the Digitalized Era

2 December 2013

New smart technologies, and an emerging digitally connected R&D ecosystem, offer opportunities to accelerate manufacturing R&D and develop innovations to create novel customer experiences.

Predicts 2014: Manufacturers Will Redefine Their Strategies for Product Design and PLM Software

25 November 2013

The demands of product design, product life cycle management IT and the changing needs related to PLM are too great for any software vendor to comprehensively address. Manufacturers will play a more active role in fulfilling unmet needs.

Predicts 2014: Manufacturing Operations

21 November 2013

Changes in manufacturing strategy brought on by globalization, digital business and new competition are putting new emphases on speed, productivity and sustainability. Manufacturers should anticipate changes in technology providers and delivery models across the manufacturing operations landscape.

Predicts 2014: The Materialization and Dematerialization of Print

19 November 2013

The 3D and 2D print markets are in a state of flux. The growing need for users to freely move content back and forth from atoms to bits is creating opportunities for vendors and users alike. Use our predictions to benefit from the inevitable changes occurring in these markets.

Predicts 2014: Media Industry

20 November 2013

By the end of 2014, the evolution of digital and online technologies from external sources of serial disruption to established components of the media industry will be fully realized. These predictions capture the essence of this evolution.

Predicts 2014: New Landscape Demands New Business and IT Approaches for Healthcare Payers

12 November 2013

Healthcare reform is now a reality in the U.S., and the healthcare market is changing dramatically as a result. Healthcare payer CIOs should use Gartner's predictions in planning for a very different business and IT environment.

Predicts 2014: New Realities Will Drive New Growth Opportunities in Consumer Goods Manufacturing

2 December 2013

Market realities of low growth require CG manufacturers to think differently about where growth will come from. CIOs and business leaders need to recognize the opportunities to lead by spotting and leveraging technologies that can engage consumers and retail customers in new ways.

Predicts 2014: Smart City Security, Infrastructure and Business Issues Remain Critical

5 December 2013

Smart cities are still nascent and thus have immature and evolving operational elements. This document helps CIOs learn more about cybersecurity policies, campus developments, infrastructure monitoring and the integration of big data for smart city projects.

Predicts 2014: Technology Drives Education Toward Transformation

20 November 2013

The Nexus of Forces — mobile, cloud, social and information — is driving transformation in education by changing the pace and path of management, administration and instruction. Education leaders, CIOs and providers must ensure that these changes deliver tangible benefits to the learning experience.

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Predicts 2014: Application Services' Alignment with Business Drivers Remains a Future Priority

20 November 2013

Our predictions highlight key topics explored in the research for application services published throughout 2013 &mdash application testing, application modernization, globalization demands and changing delivery models. Business impact is a broad, implicit theme as we look to the future.

Predicts 2014: Best-in-Class Midsize Enterprises Will Leverage New Services to Solve Chronic IT Challenges

14 November 2013

Cloud and mobile computing can reduce IT labor requirements and improve agility within midsize enterprises. Leading midsize enterprises will use these technologies to improve their competitiveness.

Predicts 2014: CSPs' Opportunities and Challenges Will Arise from Cloud Computing and Mobility Trends

27 November 2013

As the adoption of cloud computing and mobility accelerates, new revenue opportunities will emerge, together with the need for better service reliability and security. CSP strategists should move quickly on the opportunities and address associated challenges.

Predicts 2014: India's Shift in IT Consumption Is Key to New Business Opportunities

28 November 2013

India is experiencing a shift in the way technology is consumed, transforming the Indian IT industry to be more agile and green and to offer more pay-per-use models to its very cost-sensitive market. IT leaders must understand where opportunities lie in order to maximize them.

Predicts 2014: Mexico Retools Aggressively with IT for its Modernization Initiatives

19 November 2013

Mexico's growing middle class and massive structural reforms by the federal government are unleashing pent-up demand for IT infrastructure, providing ample opportunities for technology and service providers.

Predicts 2014: Platform Innovation, Big Data, Mobility and E-Commerce in China

11 December 2013

China is on the fast track of adopting platform innovation, big data technologies, mobility and e-commerce. Providers can leverage these new technologies to strengthen their advantage, while organizations need to prepare a digital strategy to stand strong in an ever-changing business environment.

Predicts 2014: Security Solutions

25 November 2013

Context-aware security and security intelligence are becoming critical to the effectiveness of future security technologies. Providers can use these predictions to prepare for a market facing increasingly sophisticated targeted attacks.

Predicts 2014: Semiconductors and Electronics

27 November 2013

Gartner's 2014 semiconductor and electronics predictions focus on the Internet of Things, the evolution of computer capability, the importance of embedded software and Moore's Law.

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