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Sourcing & Vendor Relationships

In today's economic climate, reducing costs while making the right sourcing choices is a tricky balance every organization must master to achieve the desired benefits. What's needed is the ability to create vendor relationships that address near-term cost objectives, but also allow for longer-term scalability, enhancements and innovation.

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Segment Your Network to Save Money and Reduce Vendor Lock-in

To avoid higher acquisition costs and the risk of vendor lock-in, network planners and architects must segment their network infrastructure into smaller, manageable pieces. By using this approach, clients will obtain solutions better aligned to their true requirements, at a lower price.

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Vendor Management Best Practices for Midsize Enterprises

Midsize enterprises are increasingly reliant on IT vendors to deliver a range of solutions and services. Learn about the Gartner Vendor Management Framework to drive more value, reduce risk and define responsibilities for vendor management activities.

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