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Helping your team assess your current IT environment, explore alternative scenarios and optimize your infrastructure using independent, objective data.

Accelerate Your Infrastructure Analysis and Planning

Your infrastructure and solution architects, storage and server engineers, IT operations and data center managers, and capacity planners can tap our proprietary, comprehensive database of continually updated information (including extensive historical data) to:

  • Plan for future capacity, power and cooling requirements, and build a compelling business case for needed improvements.
  • Evaluate replacement, upgrade, consolidation and virtualization options.
  • Maximize infrastructure performance and efficiency.
  • Reduce costs and carbon emissions.
  • Establish pricing benchmarks and validate provider claims.
  • Stay abreast of key product developments in servers and storage.

Make Faster, Smarter Decisions

Our interactive, Web-based tools make it easy for your team to create detailed, customized reports and support what-if scenario analysis:

Server Consolidation

Rapidly analyze server consolidation scenarios, model alternative strategies, and conduct what-if analysis. Quantify potential savings in the number of servers and the space, power and cooling they consume. Build a budget and business case for needed improvements.

IT Efficiency

Analyze and manage server assets across data centers, wherever they reside. Importing asset configurations is fast and easy, and you can quickly export them to the Server Consolidation tool for more detailed analysis.

Servers and Storage

Launch competitive comparisons with a single click. Choose from an extensive library of server and storage product information covering all major current products and obsolete products dating back more than 20 years.

Server Performance Estimates Powered by RPE2

A consistent, normalized view of relative server performance enables direct, head-to-head comparisons between servers by combining best-case performance data from multiple benchmark sources (SAP SD Two-Tier, TPC-C, TPC-H, SPECjbb2005 and two SPEC CPU2006 components) and server manufacturers. RPE2 data covers all processor configuration options for x86, IA-64 and RISC servers for major vendors from 1997 onward — over 24,000 configurations in all.

Learn more about Gartner RPE2 methodology.

Our Research Coverage Includes:

  • High-end servers
  • Industry-standard servers
  • Blade systems
  • Enterprise storage
  • System software
  • Virtualization

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