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Tadaaki Mataga

Tadaaki Mataga

Distinguished VP Analyst
Tadaaki Mataga is a Distinguished VP, Analyst based in Tokyo, Japan.

In these years, he mainly covers cloud computing, emerging technologies such as AI. In addition, he is expanding his coverage to "people-centric" with showing new skills, mindset and style required for Japanese audiences. He covered servers and mainframes over 10 years as analyst and he is making advice about future of mainframe systems for Japanese audiences continuously.
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Wednesday, 12 July, 2023 / 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM JST
New Mindset for Leaders Who Want to Succeed in Driving AI at Scale

Companies and organizations that want to succeed with AI need a new mindset, not an existing one. It represents a new principle for scalable AI deployment within the enterprise. In this session, we will organize points regarding these mindsets and discuss necessary actions.

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