Sally Parker

Sally Parker

Sr Director Analyst
Sally Parker is a Research Director in Gartner's Data & Analytics CDO Leadership team. Areas of coverage include best practices in Governance, fostering a Data-Driven culture, Data & Analytics Strategies, and MDM. Ms. Parker has a keen interest in Privacy & Trust. Before her current position, she worked as an Executive Partner in Gartner's Executive Programs working 1-1 with Gartner's CIO/CISO clients.
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Tuesday, 08 June, 2021 / 12:15 PM - 01:00 PM AEST
(04:15 AM - 05:00 AM CEST)
Workshop: Creating an Effective Data and Analytics Strategy

The potential for data-driven business strategies and information products is like never before, and for some enterprises, data and analytics have become a primary driver of their business. In this workshop, we will discuss a framework for creating a modern data and analytics strategy, key considerations and ways to start. Workshop outcome: Review and start developing key outcomes of a data and analytics strategy. *Access to this session is restricted to those that are not part of an organization/company that provides services, products or solutions to professionals in the industry.

Tuesday, 08 June, 2021 / 01:45 PM - 02:15 PM AEST
(05:45 AM - 06:15 AM CEST)
Essentials for Starting and Supporting Master Data Management

Trusted and accessible master data is a foundational requirement of business agility. This has led to an explosion of interest in MDM as associated technologies in recent times. Yet the challenge cannot be met by technology alone. This session introduces the requisite knowledge across people, process and technology for a successful MDM program and helps organizations make informed decisions about right-sized strategic choices.

Tuesday, 08 June, 2021 / 02:30 PM - 03:00 PM AEST
(06:30 AM - 07:00 AM CEST)
The Foundation and Future of Master Data Management

This session explains the foundational concepts for the discipline of master data management. What is master data and why is it important? What are the business benefits? What are the discipline and technology components of a successful program and what are the future trends for MDM?

Wednesday, 09 June, 2021 / 10:45 AM - 11:15 AM AEST
(02:45 AM - 03:15 AM CEST)
Ask the Expert: Effective Data and Analytics Governance: What Are The Must-Have Fundamentals?

Data and analytics leaders often struggle with the basics and finding the right starting points for governance-focused activities. This interactive Q&A session will highlight key things to know and to do regarding scoping, roles and organizational approaches, metrics, policies and the role of tools -- the foundational pillars for a healthy data and analytics governance program.

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