Ehtisham Zaidi
Guest keynote

Ehtisham Zaidi

Sr Director Analyst
As part of the Data and Analytics team, Ehtisham Zaidi assists Data and Analytics leaders with high-quality, actionable insights through research, which is focused on data management which includes, data integration, data catalogs, data virtualization, data preparation and data management pricing strategy/contract reviews.

Mr. Zaidi works with Gartner clients on building the business case for investing in and furthering their maturity in these areas. In addition, he closely follows the related technology markets, advising clients on vendor and tool selection, price negotiation, and emerging deployment approaches for optimal impact and value. He assists clients with modernization strategies for their data management programs and technology infrastructure.
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Monday, 08 June, 2020 / 09:45 AM - 10:45 AM IST
Gartner Opening Keynote: Rewire Your Culture for an AI-Augmented Future

In a changing world resilience is not enough, you must be prepared to turn disruption to your advantage. But in an uncertain future the only sure requirement is having the creativity to find the right solution in any situation. But creativity doesn’t just come from having the right people, it must be designed into your organization and that takes leadership. Yours.

Monday, 08 June, 2020 / 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM IST
Upgrade to a Data Fabric Design to Transform Your Data Management and Integration Architecture

Data and analytics leaders are often tasked to investigate, adopt and later integrate a huge number of data management "point solutions" and tools for their operational and analytical use case requirements. This often leads to redundant purchases, integration challenges and derailed projects. Convergence in data integration, data quality, data preparation, data cataloging and other tools is paving a way for a core active metadata informed and ML-enabled dynamic data fabric design that can potentially transform data management and integration. This session covers:
1. What does a data fabric architecture mean for data and analytics leaders and how can they enable it?
2. What are the vendors and market offerings that can potentially fast track a data fabric design?
3. How can data and analytics leaders enable a data fabric without disrupting existing architectures and without creating a governance chaos?

Monday, 08 June, 2020 / 02:30 PM - 03:15 PM IST
Augmented Data Catalogs: Now an Enterprise Must-Have for Data and Analytics Leaders

This session addresses how data and analytics leaders can investigate and adopts modern ML-enabled data catalogs to inventory distributed and often siloed data assets as a first step in enabling new data management, analytics and data science use cases.

Key issues addressed:
1. What are machine-learning-enabled catalogs and how are they different from previous IT led metadata management projects?
2. What are the key capabilities, use cases and user persona for data catalogs?
3. What are the market offerings in this space, their various segments and which offering would make sense according to your existing use- case requirements?
4. How can data and analytics leaders create a wholesome strategy to embed data cataloging into their data management infrastructure?

Tuesday, 09 June, 2020 / 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM IST
From Self-Service to Enterprise to Augmented Data Preparation — Understanding the Data Preparation Tools Market

Data preparation has matured rapidly in the last two years from being focused on self-service analytics to now becoming an integral component and a critical capability in almost all enterprise data and analytics tools. Key topics addressed:
1. What is augmented data preparation, and how has it evolved to support enterprise data integration, analytics/BI and data science needs?
2. What is the current state of the market, and how will it evolve?
3. How can you best leverage data preparation capabilities, while at the same time ensuring governance and control?

Tuesday, 09 June, 2020 / 05:00 PM - 05:10 PM IST
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