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Eri Hariu

Eri Hariu

Director Analyst
Eri Hariu is an Analyst on the Japan IT Infrastructure team for Gartner, based in Japan. Ms. Hariu's main coverage areas are Digital workplace strategy, including hybrid work, employee IT literacy, and innovative technologies for the future of work. She provides strategic/actionable advice to IT users and vendors in the digital workplace and end-user computing technologies area.
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Tuesday, 29 August, 2023 / 01:55 PM - 02:25 PM JST
How to Improve Employee IT Literacy

The expansion of digital workplaces has led to an urgent need to improve the IT literacy of employees. The ability of the general workforce to utilize digital and the associated IT literacy has become a priority for companies to address. This session will suggest where IT leaders can start and how they can improve the IT skills of their employees.

Tuesday, 29 August, 2023 / 03:55 PM - 04:40 PM JST
Roundtable: Changing work: How to Improve Employee IT Literacy

How can organizations improve the IT literacy of their digital workforce? This roundtable discusses the required skills for business users and how IT leaders should work on them to improve IT literacy and gain new insights into how they will work in the future.

Wednesday, 30 August, 2023 / 04:30 PM - 05:00 PM JST
Closing Keynote: “Changing Work:” How to Change Today to Change Tomorrow

Digital workplace leaders have a critical role to play in transforming the organization to support the future of work. Organizations need to change the employee experience, maximizing the value that technology and people bring to succeed in a hybrid, flexible world of work. This session will conclude the two-day summit and provide a snapshot of the key initiatives that digital workplace leaders must address today to change tomorrow.

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