Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

16 July 2020 | Tokyo, Japan

Accelerate your workforce
productivity and agility

Gartner Digital Workplace is the must-attend conference for digital workplace, application, IT and business leaders, and architects who are involved in digital workplace strategy to enable new, more effective ways of working to raise employee engagement and agility.

The top 4 priorities that digital workplace leaders will meet on include: 

  • Developing awareness of digital workplace opportunities
  • Transforming the employee experience
  • Technology and applications
  • Implementing effective management strategies

The future of work

Be the first to hear emerging trends and latest predictions surrounding the future of work.

How-to guidance

Leave with an action plan to build your organization’s digital workplace of tomorrow.

Real-world solutions

Explore the latest technologies changing the digital workplace landscape. Meet face to face with knowledgeable representatives.

The Gartner difference

Gartner is the world’s leading research and advisory company. We equip leaders and their teams in every major business function with the indispensable insights, advice and tools to achieve their mission-critical priorities today and build the successful organizations of tomorrow. Across every industry and enterprise size, Gartner provides the expertise needed to tackle your key initiatives, stay ahead of competition and grow your organization’s value.

Gartner Digital Workplace Summit
at a Glance


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Engage with

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Gartner experts

Learn from

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research-driven sessions

Calling all digital workplace leaders

Are you looking for the skills and knowledge to develop a digital workplace strategy needed for productively thriving in digital business? At Gartner Digital Workplace Summit, you’ll interact with Gartner and industry experts, cutting-edge solution providers and peers workplace strategy needed to productively thrive in digital business? At Gartner Digital Workplace Summit, you interact...

  • Digital workplace leaders create and execute an effective digital workplace strategy while driving digital transformation
  • HR/general affairs department leaders encourage strategies with tools and insights from case studies
  • IT leadership understand the impact of new technology on workplace strategy
  • Architects support new ways of working after a business transformation 

Tracks at a Glance

Access the latest Gartner research specifically designed to help digital workplace leaders accelerate productivity and agility. Each track has a particular area of focus to help you deliver on what matters most to you and your organization. 

Track A

Plan, Deploy and Manage Your Digital Workplace Program

Focuse on understanding how to identify, define, prioritize and communicate business-relevant digital workplace capabilities.

Track B

Build Employee Experiences That Are Engaging and Inclusive

Explore how to build and activate a comprehensive employee journey to yield greater ROI for your digital workplace program.

Track C

Shape the Future of Work

Prepare for the road ahead and map out future of work for your organization.

Track D

Lead Teams, Build Culture, Advance Skills

Our spotlight track helps you hone your leadership skills and harness the power of collaboration with teams across the business to deliver impactful results.

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