Accelerate learning and build a shared vision by attending as a group

Organizations are becoming more agile and composable. Security and risk management leaders must improve resilience, better support business objectives and elevate the organizational standing. It is imperative for chief information security officers (CISOs), security executives, risk management leaders, security architects and data security managers to accelerate progress on your initiatives and optimize the value of risk management investment.

There is no better environment for stakeholders to align, learn and network

Divide and conquer

Split up to attend more sessions designed for every member of your team.

Evaluate vendors and solution providers

Compare solutions for all stakeholders across your business.

Meet as a team with experts

Discuss your challenges and validate your strategies. 

Buy more, save more

Group Rate Discount

Save on registration when you attend the conference with your colleagues. Receive complimentary registration(s) when you register as a team.*

  • 1 for 3 paid registrations
  • 2 for 5 paid registrations
  • 3 for 7 paid registrations
  • 4 for 10 paid registrations

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Tips for attending a conference as a team

Align your vision as you forge strong relationships and a deeper, shared understanding with your colleagues and peers to help drive your strategies forward.

  • Have a team-planning call to set key objectives.
  • Decide a strategy for how to divide and conquer the agenda (which sessions you attend collectively could be as important).
  • Agree on how you will share key lessons.
  • Create a document repository for notes, slides, etc., on Google Drive or other file-sharing platform.
  • Add colleagues to your expert one-on-ones.
  • Connect together each morning for breakfast, prepare for the day and share the highlights from the previous day.
  • Create a Microsoft Teams/Slack/Google Hangout channel to stay in touch during the conference.
  • Make a plan to catch up for lunch or network during breaks.
  • Make the most of the conference, ensuring that all team members take the time to speak to exhibitors and get some key take-aways to bring back to the group.
  • Set up a meeting to review key take-aways and create an action plan for how you will apply what you have learned. What are you going to start doing/stop doing/do differently as a result of what you have learned?
  • Connect on LinkedIn with any peers you met during the conference.
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting with any exhibitors that piqued your interest.

Suggested sessions by role

  • Security Strategy Planning Best Practices
  • What’s Top of Mind for CIOs and CEOs: Impact for SRM Leaders in 2022 and Beyond
  • The Top 10 Cybersecurity Value Metrics Every Organization Should Use
  • The Key Drivers for CISO Effectiveness
  • Workshop: Building Risk, Value and Cost Charts for Cybersecurity
  • Roundtable: How to Effectively Manage the Cyber Risks of the Cloud
  • Cybersecurity 2032: Accelerating the Evolution of Cybersecurity
  • The Top Cybersecurity Predictions for 2022-2023

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As a chief information security officer, you are invited to apply to be part of our exclusive CISO Circle which includes select sessions, networking, speakers and more. View how to qualify here. 

  • The Future of MDR, Where Next?
  • Automating Security: Exploring Options for Maximum Fun and Profit
  • How to Build a Modern SOC
  • Technical Insights: Plotting Your Course to Ransomware Defense

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  • Outlook for Identity and Access Management
  • Outlook for Cloud Security
  • A New Look at Insider Risk
  • Sorting Through the Pile: How to Prioritize Your Vulnerability Management Efforts
  • Cyber-Physical Systems Security: Top 10 Must-Do’s
  • Emerging Technologies in Security and Risk Management

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  • Expert Guide to Network Security, Now and Into the Future
  • Outlook for Endpoint Security 2023
  • Managing Open-Source Software Risks in DevSecOps Environments
  • AppSec 101: The Application Security You Need Now!
  • Outlook for Data Security
  • Outlook for Network Security 

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  • Technical Insights: Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture — The Next Generation of Security Architecture
  • Technical Insights: Practical Guide to Architecting Cloud Security
  • Technical Insights: Plotting Your Course to Ransomware Defense
  • Technical Insights: Cloud Security 201 — The Quest for the Holy Grail
  • Technical Insights: Microsoft 365 — Office, EMS and Windows 10 — Top Security Features to Implement
  • Technical Insights: Five Steps to Start the Zero-Trust Journey

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