Brochure for Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2021 in Europe

View the conference brochure to learn more about why you can’t afford to miss the virtual edition of Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2021 in Europe. Here are the top 5 reasons to attend:

  1. A powerful mix of expert-led research alongside seasoned digital workplace executives
  2. Objective one-on-one guidance from Gartner experts, specific to your challenges
  3. New sessions on workforce efficiency and dexterity, remote and hybrid work, employee experience and much more in an uncertain world
  4. Access to on-demand conference content, during and after the conference to complement live sessions
  5. The latest trends and technology to stay ahead of the competition while getting the most from your solution providers

View the brochure to take a deeper look at the expert-led research you can expect, the speaker lineup and the virtual networking opportunities available.

Join us and be in the best position to
learn how you can:

  • Develop a digital workplace strategy that builds upon innovations in workplace technologies such as automation, collaboration and artificial intelligence to deliver connected experiences and drive user adoption
  • Create frictionless and empowering employee experiences that enable leadership to foster positive culture change
  • Establish a secure, stable and adaptive workplace infrastructure to support the foundation of your program
  • Leverage your organization’s postpandemic priorities to adapt, evolve and execute a digital workplace strategy that builds a smarter workforce

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