Every day you're faced with decisions that will determine success or failure—that could influence your organization's financial results, customer retention rates or ability to compete.

Getting information is easy, but is it insightful and relevant? Your time is scarce. Spend less time searching for information and more time applying relevant insight to your IT initiatives that need effective solutions—right now.

Ensure your success as an IT Leader. Get the insight you need—when you need it. With instant Web access to exclusive Gartner research that's relevant, insightful and tailored for IT leaders in:

At Gartner, we know what you're up against.

Gartner activity cycles map out the key decisions and activities within your specific IT role.

We're organized around the way you work. Our resources are tailored to your key decisions and activity cycles. You get what you need to know, when you need to know it, whether you're in your early planning stages or deep into implementation.

We know what's required to lead. We help you achieve the goals, manage the risk and deliver the measurable results you need to demonstrate effective leadership. You're better equipped to deliver infrastructure agility, more actionable business intelligence, tighter security, more flexible sourcing arrangements and your many other IT initiatives.

Boost your performance with the Leader's Toolkit

With the Leader's Toolkit you'll be armed with a specific set of practical, actionable resources designed to help explain, influence, better execute and successfully manage the day-to-day, job-related challenges in your role.

With the Leader�s Toolkit you'll receive insight that is:

  • Exclusive - Only available to Gartner for IT Leader clients
  • Aligned - To your key activities and challenges
  • Focused - On your most critical role challenges
  • Actionable - Provided in a format for you to take action

Everything you need—in one place. The tools, resources and opportunities to connect with peers are delivered in an easy-to-navigate portal. As an IT Leader, you spend more time applying our insight to your business opportunities, and less time finding it.

The insight you need—when you need it. Dedicated Gartner analysts alert you to insight critical to your role at key times during your initiative—from strategy and implementation to ongoing performance optimization and management communication.

Ensure your success as an IT Leader.

Partnering with us can mean the difference between success and failure. With Gartner for IT Leaders, you'll have the insight, tools and case studies to support your recommendations, advice and action plans. Your decisions, will be backed up by insight from world-renowned analysts who are in the trenches every day making connections and discovering the latest trends.

Get on board with Gartner for IT Leaders.

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