For many CIOs, CTOs, and other senior IT executives, the most valuable research is within the specific context of their own industry. Through Gartner Industry Advisory Services, we work with small groups of top executives from a specific industry. Each client is assigned a named analyst and client support specialist. The agenda is client-driven, delving deeply into
6 to 12 industry specific topics. The focus is primarily on understanding the technologies and services that will deliver greatest business value, helping the CIO or CTO achieve parity with other top-management colleagues.

Banking & Investment Services (premium)

In a sea of commoditized banking products and increasing global regulation, IT professionals and business leaders in the banking industry must invest in the right technologies to support growth, preserve margins and aid in compliance. Gartner banking industry research, staffed by top industry analysts, provides the critical insights you'll need to gain competitive advantage.


Educational institutions need thorough understanding of current technology trends and issues to exploit changing enrollment patterns and deliver technology-dependent offerings such as mobile student services and e-learning. Gartner industry research analyzes the latest developments affecting the education industry, with specific focus on both the higher education and K-12 segments.

Energy & Utilities (premium)

Analysis, research and actionable advice on energy and utility industry-specific technology developments, challenges and trends for IT executives. Gartner research helps business-focused IT leaders and energy-focused service provider companies to understand and act on changes in this rapidly transforming, increasingly volatile industry space.


Strategic IT decision making and innovations are frequently blocked by outdated policies and other complications endemic within the public sector. Government leaders must ensure that policies keep pace with technology. Gartner industry research provides best methods and tactics for public-sector IT governance, technology selection and funding strategies.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare automation has taken an increasingly central role in supporting clinical care. Automation is evolving from a "nice to have" differentiator to a core competency whose absence can place a care delivery organization's future at risk. Gartner industry research provides in-depth analysis on the priorities and options confronting healthcare IT decision makers.

Insurance (premium)

Analysis, research, and actionable advice on selected industry-specific technology developments, challenges and trends for IT executives. By surveying the most active segments of the industry and the general IT landscape — while leveraging the research generated by Gartner's other advisory and consulting services — the service provides unparalleled advice to clients.

Manufacturing (premium)

Agility is crucial as manufacturers manage a range of complex processes and operations in a highly fluid global value chain of suppliers and changing partnerships. Gartner industry research can help these organizations streamline processes, craft strategic partnerships and differentiate their service as they drive toward production quality and efficiency.

Media (premium)

The global media industry is in the early stages of a digital revolution that will enable more consumers to purchase media in more ways than ever; increasing media power and profits for well-positioned companies. New strategies are needed to capitalize on behavioral and technological changes. Gartner industry research covers the business opportunities and technology issues surrounding this transition.

Retail (premium)

As retailers select technologies to improve business processes and enhance the customer experience, navigating the right path through the complex array of technology options can make the difference between competitive success and failure. Gartner industry research helps retail executives assess the impact of technology alternatives on market share, productivity and profit.

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