Gartner Acquisitions

Since Gartner went public in 1993, the company has made more than 32 acquisitions and investments. These businesses, people and products have broadened our comprehensive suite of product solutions to business and IT professionals worldwide. Acquisitions must meet at least one or several criteria before being considered:

  • Products and services focus on decisions made by business or IT professionals: that is, be complementary, enhance or improve the company’s core product lines;
  • The growth rate of the business considered must be equal to, exceed or be expected to equal in the near-term the company’s overall growth rate;
  • The business adds local content or expertise in markets outside the United States; and
  • Operations are profitable and add or are neutral to corporate earnings per share in the near-term.

Senexx (2014)
Senexx is a cloud-based questions and answers platform that identifies and manages expertise within organizations. Gartner will leverage Senexx's proven expertise to significantly enhance its web search capability and augment its content recommendation engine and proprietary social platforms.

Marketvisio (2014)
Marketvisio, a research firm headquartered in Finland with a presence in Russia, has served as Gartner's exclusive representative in the region since 1989.

Software Advice (2014)
Software Advice helps buyers choose the right software, offering detailed reviews, comparisons and research to assist organizations in finding products that best fit their current and future needs.

IDEAS International (2012)
Leading provider of enterprise IT research, insight, analysis and tools.

Burton Group, Inc. (2009)
Leading research and advisory services firm that focuses on providing practical, technically in-depth advice to front-line IT professionals.

AMR Research, Inc. (2009)
Leading research and advisory services firm serving supply chain management and IT professionals.

META Group (2005)
Leading provider of information technology research, advisory services and strategic consulting.