Copyright & Quote Policy

Gartner, Inc. Copyright and Quote Policy


Gartner, Inc. is the definitive source of objective technology thought leadership. To protect our reputation for objectivity, we have strict standards for appropriate use of our company name, research and logo. The Gartner name and published materials are subject to trademark and copyright protection, regardless of where and how referenced. This policy defines how you may use the "Gartner" name, logo, and excerpt Gartner research. Gartner reserves the right of refusal.

Gartner logo: As a registered trademark symbol, use of the Gartner logo requires express, written permission. You may include the logo only when promoting a licensed Gartner Reprint, a Gartner Custom Newsletter, a Gartner Webcast or an analyst speaking engagement (see Section 2.3). Please reference: Gartner Logo Use Guidelines.

Internal use: Clients may quote published research documents internally without pre-approval, as long as this happens in accordance with the Usage Guidelines for Gartner Services. Clearly mark all internal material containing Gartner excerpts "For internal use only". If you want to distribute an entire piece of research, see Section 6.3.

External use: All external use of the Gartner name, research and logo must be pre-approved by Gartner, except for "Limited Audience" Documents (defined in Section 2.1), corporate micro-blogs and personal blogs/micro-blogs, which may include quoted materials without approval, provided policy parameters are followed. This requirement also applies to any third-party that writes and/or promotes content on your behalf, including partner organizations.

Company-specific quotes: To maintain Gartner's independence and objectivity, we do not allow company-specific quotes. This is because when presented out of context and in combination with vendor materials, the Gartner content could appear only positive or to endorse the vendor.

How to submit a quote or usage request
Email your request to

The following are required to get your request approved:

  1. The quote you wish to use;
  2. The original Gartner research source (include a link to the document or a PDF);
  3. Your draft materials in which the quote will appear (include a visual mock-up); and,
  4. If your content comes from pivot tables or charts, include screenshot(s) of referenced or manipulated pivot tables or charts.

Turnaround time: Please allow up to two (2) business days for review. Note: Requests that require multiple rounds of review or analyst involvement may take longer.

Using quotes more than once: If you'd like to use the same content in multiple press releases, presentations or proposals, please use the Approved Quote Sheet Template, which lets you submit once and use multiple times in these collaterals. Send your completed Approved Quote Sheet Template to for processing.

Table of Contents

1. Policy Essentials

2. Rules for Usage and Quotes Based on Context