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Usage Guidelines for Gartner Services

Welcome to Gartner!

Thank you for purchasing a License to Gartner Research. We've created these Usage Guidelines for Gartner Services especially for you, the Licensed User. Through easy to understand rules and practical scenarios, the Guidelines are intended to help you use the Gartner Services within your contractual entitlements; and also get the most value from your Gartner relationship.

These Guidelines are intended to address the following areas:

  1. Research Documents for Internal Use (within your company)
  2. Research Documents for External Use (outside your company)
  3. Analyst Inquiry
  4. Usernames & Passwords

Baseline License: These Usage Guidelines constitute a baseline license that is generally applicable to Licensed Users who have purchased a subscription to Gartner Services. Where a specific Gartner product offering includes entitlements that are different from the baseline license, the terms of that product offering will apply. Gartner reserves the right to periodically update these Usage Guidelines.

Product Specific Usage: As the Gartner product portfolio continues to expand, even baseline usage parameters may slightly vary by the type of Service the client has purchased. If a Licensed User is unclear as to how a usage parameter in these Guidelines applies to the Service they have purchased, they should contact their Account Executive for further guidance.

Monitoring of Usage: Please note that Gartner monitors activity on our web site, including use of our Services by Licensed Users. If we see indications that our Services are being used outside of these Usage Guidelines, we may contact your organization and ask you to investigate your use of the Services and provide us with information to validate that the Services are being used within your contractual entitlement.

In the event of non-compliance, Gartner reserves the right at its sole discretion to either terminate (or limit access to) the Services or terminate the Service Agreement in its entirety.

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Updated as of March 2015