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Education CIOs must rethink IT planning for digital disruptions and demands

The digital transformation of business has unique effects on the K-12 and higher education industries. Amid increasing global competition for students, education CIOs and IT leaders must build suitable teams of stakeholders to plan IT processes that meet industry demands such as learning analytics, competency-based education and consumerized student expectations.

Insight for your industry

How Gartner Can Help

Gartner research provides education CIOs and IT leaders with actionable insights on the new technologies and practices they need for strategic planning, such as:

  • IT contribution
  • Retreating political responsibility
  • Reinventing credits
  • E-Research
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Social Learning
  • Mobile
  • Sourcing Strategies
  • Adaptive E-Textbooks


Listening and sensing technologies collect large volumes of data so institutions will need to plan for a host of issues that arise from this, including privacy and security concerns.

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