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Energy & Utilities

The energy and utilities industry is under pressure to simultaneously reduce costs and improve operational performance. Leaders face a wide array of challenges, as well as increased scrutiny of environmental and sustainability issues. Gartner research shows you the key business and technology trends impacting energy and utilities, and provides guidance on how to deal with these changes and lead with confidence.

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Agenda Overview for Energy and Utilities, 2014

In 2014, we will address the impact from global socioeconomic forces, sustainability concerns, the search for new energy-provisioning models, new consumer behaviors driven by the Nexus of Forces and utilities' drive to become digital enterprises. We will also start covering the oil and gas sector.

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10 Trends and Technologies to Impact IT Over the Next Five Years

Strategic planners have long realized that efficient planning must be accomplished by looking from the outside in. Internal trends, market trends and societal trends are rapidly converging, and many of these will have dramatic effects on infrastructure and operations planning. This presentation will highlight the most crucial trends to watch over the next five years.

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Hype Cycles

The wave of the future — or just hype? Gartner Hype Cycles show the difference. Use our Hype Cycles to get educated about the promise of an emerging technology within the context of your industry.

Magic Quadrants

Magic Quadrants and MarketScopes offer visual snapshots of a market's direction, maturity and participants. Which Vendors are leaders, visionaries, challengers or niche players?

Vendor Ratings

Gartner Vendor Ratings assess all the different aspects of a technology provider, such as its strategy, organization, products, technology, marketing, financials and support. Use Vendor Ratings to assess the technology providers in your industry.

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