U.S. Digital Marketing Spending
Report, 2013

Benchmark your budget and learn how
to enhance your digital marketing efforts.

Gartner surveyed over 200 marketers from U.S.-based companies with more than $500 million in annual revenue, across six industries, to understand how they are allocating their budgets and which activities are contributing to their success.

  • Information Overload?

    Marketing data is plentiful and leading to analysis paralysis, making it hard to find value.

    How do you make data work for you?

  • Spotlight on Social Marketing:

    Social marketing and content creation
    are dominating the digital sphere.

    How will this affect your strategy?

With this first report in our series of 2013 Digital Marketing spending research, you can immediately put these key findings to action — enabling you to boost your digital marketing programs' effectiveness.

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