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With billions of people, businesses and things communicating, transacting, and even negotiating with each other — the world of digital business is developing and organizations must get ready for that. Finding the right balance between maintaining existing IT assets and investing in new ones is a challenging task and Gartner’s IT Market Clock can help. The IT Market Clock is a decision framework that helps prioritize IT investments, cost justify IT modernization projects and connect multiple stakeholders to enable joint initiatives and investment decisions.

This year’s edition of this special report includes IT Market Clocks for high-priority areas in IT investments and disinvestments, with some new additions. Below is a sample of our coverage.

Research VP Monica Basso discusses how clients can use the IT Market Clock framework for prioritizing investments and disinvestments in IT.

Gartner IT Market Clock Research

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Understanding Gartner's IT Market Clocks

8 September 2011

Gartner's IT Market Clocks provide a consolidated, full life cycle view of the IT assets in any technology asset portfolio. They highlight divestment priorities or where market forces should be exploited to expand supplier choice and/or achieve cost savings.

IT Market Clock for B2B Solutions, 2014
NEW for 2014!

26 September 2014

The composite B2B solutions market is rapidly evolving, as organizations leverage integration infrastructure and embrace multienterprise cloud applications, hubs and networks. IT, procurement and supply chain leaders need to gauge the maturity and commoditization of major B2B solution asset classes.

IT Market Clock for Enterprise Mobility, 2014

24 September 2014

As enterprise mobility products and services progress through their market life cycles, innovation and cost optimization opportunities arise. IT leaders must comprehend mobile asset maturity and commoditization to plan successful road maps, negotiate pricing, plan divestments and manage portfolios.

Apply the IT Market Clock for Effective IT Technical Skill Management

31 July 2014

CIOs and IT leaders can apply the Gartner IT Market Clock framework to improve technical skills planning processes. It informs decision making on investing, reskilling or redeploying IT resources to ensure the effective use of critical IT assets throughout their life cycles.

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