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Understanding Emerging Markets
When markets are growing and IT solutions are stable, Magic Quadrants provide the best tool for understanding how the players are competitively positioned. But when new markets emerge and user requirements are in flux, solutions are often approached in wildly different ways, making a competitive positioning less useful. This is where the MarketScopes can provide critical insight.

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Technology Trigger
MarketScopes rate each market's technology providers as Strong Positive, Positive, Promising, Caution, or Strong Negative.

How Do You Use MarketScopes?

Clients use MarketScopes to understand how the status of an emerging market aligns with their own state of maturity and future plans.

For example, should you invest in emerging market solutions that appear innovative but are potentially risky?

How Do MarketScopes Work?

A MarketScope rates a market itself and helps you evaluate its participating technology providers against the Gartner vision for that market.

MarketScopes rate each market’s participating technology providers as Strong Positive, Positive, Promising, Caution or Strong Negative.