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Smart machines, 3D printing and digital business are just a few of the disruptions that are impacting business and IT. With so much change, IT leaders face a new set of realities moving forward. Gartner's 2014 Predicts Special Report explores how to exploit the digital revolution now.

Managing VP & Gartner Fellow Daryl Plummer discusses the top predictions for 2014.

Gartner Predicts 2014 Research

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Predicts 2014: Big Data

20 November 2013

Gartner's 2014 predictions explore how the developing maturity and awareness of big data impacts analytics, resources, data center infrastructure and consumer privacy. Enterprises must adapt to this quickly changing landscape to establish an analytical competitive advantage.

Predicts 2014: Cloud Computing Affects All Aspects of IT

4 December 2013

Gartner's 2014 cloud computing predictions shed light on the evolution of the concept as it continues its path toward becoming more and more integral to IT. IT organizations will need to monitor developments in order to adapt their cloud strategies to the realities of tomorrow.

Predicts 2014: Digitalization in Retail Means M-Commerce Grows, E-Commerce Slows, Personalization Misfires and 3D Printing Transforms

18 November 2013

Consumers are continuing to use the power of digital technologies to redefine the way in which they interact with retailers. Retail CIOs should advise the business on how to make the best use of retail technology to transition to customer-led business models.

Predicts 2014: Application Services' Alignment with Business Drivers Remains a Future Priority

20 November 2013

Our predictions highlight key topics explored in the research for application services published throughout 2013 — application testing, application modernization, globalization demands and changing delivery models. Business impact is a broad, implicit theme as we look to the future.

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