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Many organizations have spent substantial time and money to develop a sound IT strategy, but are now concerned about proper execution of that strategy. Specifically, they are concerned that their teams may not have the knowledge and best practices they need to ensure project success.

Gartner for Technical Professionals provides in-depth, technical research for your project teams to help them deliver outstanding results on your IT strategy.

Execute Your IT Strategy

Gartner for Technical Professionals helps organizations deliver project success in the following ways:

Accelerate Project Timelines
  • Get project teams up-to-speed quickly
  • Use proven Reference Architecture to develop technology architecture
  • Receive organization-specific guidance from analysts*
Mitigate Risk
  • Leverage industry best practices to avoid costly mistakes
  • Avoid vendor lock-in through vendor agnostic recommendations
  • Speak with analysts to get feedback on project plans*
Develop Your Technical Professionals
  • Update knowledge and skills with in-depth research
  • Become deep experts on a broad range of topics
  • Stay abreast of changing markets and technologies

*Available to Advisor-level clients

In-Depth, Role-Focused Insight

Gartner for Technical Professionals complements other Gartner services, delivering resources tailored to the unique needs of your technical architects and engineers.

Gartner for Technical Professionals research provides detailed, technically oriented guidance on key technologies across seven key functions:

  • Application Platform
  • Collaboration and Content Management
  • Data Center
  • Data Management
  • Identity and Privacy
  • Network and Telecom
  • Security and Risk Management

Gartner for Technical Professionals also delivers actionable insight on the opportunities and risks of cloud computing within each function.

My Gartner Experience

Gartner for Technical Professionals clients can organize their My Gartner home page to align with how they work and what they're working on, and reconfigure it at any time should priorities change. Users can:

  • Select a function that enables them to see the research most relevant to them.
  • Choose from a variety of custom components, and prioritize them on their home page as they see fit.
  • Configure their initiatives to deliver valuable and just-in-time insight.

We Deliver Insight for Success

Gartner for Technical professionals provides detailed technical insight to help your technical professionals deliver outstanding results.

  • In-Depth Insight: Detailed, actionable guidance through reports that are typically 25-40 pages in length.
  • Reference Architecture: A unique decision-making tool that provides tailored IT architecture recommendations.
  • How-To Guidance: Frameworks and best practices guidance to successfully implement a technology.
  • Field Research Studies: In-the-trenches perspective of how other IT organizations are deploying and managing new technologies. This research is based on in-depth interviews with a select group of clients.
  • Reusable Templates: Accelerate the creation of internal architecture and documentation through our templates and graphics.

Advisor-level clients also gain access to unlimited analyst dialogues and architecture document reviews.

Reference Architecture

Our proven Reference Architecture is a unique decision-making tool that provides tailored recommendations to guide IT architecture decisions from three key perspectives:

  • Principles guide the definition of your core IT values in order to accelerate planning and decision making.
  • Decision Points help you design your IT architecture and set technical requirements using tailored guidance.
  • Templates build an architectural blueprint of the infrastructure and critical relationships between systems through re-usable graphics.

Continually updated, the Reference Architecture is built on industry best practices, our proprietary research knowledge base and hands-on experience from hundreds of consulting engagements.

Aligned with Your Key Initiatives

All of your initiatives are important, but some are mission-critical. We deliver in-depth insight to help your team fulfill your most critical initiatives and the projects that support them, efficiently and cost-effectively:

  • Advancing Data Management Maturity
  • Application and Integration Platforms
  • Application Development
  • Application Overhaul
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Communications Infrastructure Modernization
  • Content, Collaboration and Social Initiatives
  • Data Center Modernization and Consolidation
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Information Security Technology and Services
  • Mobile Enterprise Strategy
  • SOA and Application Architecture
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration
  • Virtualization

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