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Cost Optimization: Your Growth Strategy

Realign Budget Priorities to Enable Digital Business
It’s not 2008 anymore. Cost optimization brings good news this time around for IT and your organization. Read Why
Cost optimization is not about cutting back on IT resources. It’s about best positioning the whole organization to thrive in the digital business era. Watch Video
Too many organizations already lag in funding digital business. Cost optimization can put you back on the track to future growth. Join Webinar

Unleash Your Data's Power for Growth

Maximize Insights from Data Sources to Find the Best IT Solutions
Benchmarking can yield a treasure trove of great insights on where to optimize. Make sure not to overlook your supply chain. Find Your Benchmarks
Let your customers tell you where to optimize your costs and processes. Customer experience metrics yield vital data. Tap Into Your Customers
Forget moving to digital business — it’s time to execute on digital business. Use these KPIs to establish your successes. Set Your KPIs

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Cost Management Today Means Far More than Cost-Cutting
IT cost optimization must reach across the entire organization. IT is a part of every budget in every department, and CIOs must offer their expertise and guidance on every IT expenditure. Exert Your Influence
CIOs need to stop talking about cutting IT costs and show how they can optimize business value. Read the blog. Read the blog
Emergencies will happen. And when they do, you need a radical mindset and tactics to optimize costs. Get Radical

Start Planning, Get Approval, Redeploy Staff

Steps You Take Now Will Impact Your Long-Range Success
When CIOs and IT leaders ask Gartner how they should optimize IT costs, this is what Gartner tells them most often. Read the Top 10
No matter how strategic cost optimization is, it still comes down to money. You need to convince the one in charge of the money — your CFO. Get Support
IT leaders keep getting the same memo: cut your IT costs, but make us into a digital business. Embrace the challenge — the reward can outweigh the risk. Get Lean