BYOD & Enterprise Mobility

“By 2016, use of mobile apps will surpass that of Internet domain names, making mobile apps the dominant means of engaging with brands.” — Gartner

Your organization is most likely not maximizing mobile. As Gartner says, “Organizations wishing to unlock the full potential of mobility must master a wide range of technologies and skills, many of which are currently unfamiliar to IT staff.” You need to get familiar with exploiting mobile now.

Trends & Predictions

Consider These Factors to Determine Your Readiness:

  • Enterprise Architecture:

    Where does mobility fit in IT? What resources are there to plan, operate and support mobility technologies? How do you prioritize mobile projects for funding and resources, given so many competing demands?

    Technology Evolution:

    How will you track and manage fast-changing, nonstandard technologies? Where will you place your bets between competing mobile solutions?

    Mobile Applications:

    How do you prioritize mobile application development to deliver the highest business impact? What tools, technologies, skills and processes will you need to put in place to deliver mobile apps?


    What processes, training and technologies will you put in place to control access to resources and data while mobile?


A mobile strategy is not a static set of policies, but must adapt as the organization's needs and the technology to support it evolve.

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