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Catriona Wallace
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Catriona Wallace

Dr Catriona Wallace is an Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse specialist. Catriona has been recognised by AFR as the most influential woman in business and entrepreneurship and by Onalytica as one of the top speakers on both Ethical AI and the Metaverse, internationally. Catriona co-authored the book Checkmate Humanity: the how and why of Responsible AI.
An expert in Digital Transformation, Dr Wallace is an Adjunct Professor, Founder of the Responsible Metaverse Alliance and Co-Chairs Richard Branson’s B Team AI Coalition. Catriona was the Founder of a machine learning company based out of New York and is also a mother of five.
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Tuesday, 08 November, 2022 / 09:00 AM - 09:45 AM AEDT
Guest Keynote: Artificial Intelligence, the Metaverse and Digital Transformation - How You Become a Responsible Leader

AI is the fastest-growing tech sector in the world, driving the digital transformation of both public and private sector organisations. At the same time, Web3 and the Metaverse have emerged as new digital and virtual worlds. Leaders are asking - what is the best way to transform operations to leverage these emerging technologies such as AI, Web3, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? And how are we going to build trusted environments from technology that is largely ungoverned and unregulated? Dr Wallace presents the state of the market for AI and the metaverse and shares how leaders should think about becoming Ethical Leaders so that these powerful technologies are used for good.

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