2020 Conference Brochure for Data & Analytics Leaders

Data and analytics leaders are driving digital transformation, creating monetization opportunities, improving the customer experience and reshaping industries.

At Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2020, 8 – 9 June in Mumbai, we’ll address the most pressing challenges faced by the data and analytics leaders of today. Drawing on new strategies, expert guidance and best practices, this conference will help you understand how to lead and empower in an AI-augmented future.

This conference would feature:

  • Six tracks and one spotlight track aligned to your key initiatives, including AI and machine learning (ML), emerging trends, data governance and leadership strategies
  • Meetups: Opportunities to expand your network and glean insight directly from your data and analytics peers
  • A focus on business skills such as data storytelling and building creative teams to ensure your success
  • An expanded Chief Data Officer (CDO) Circle featuring exclusive sessions, content and networking opportunities for the most senior-level attendees
  • Industry-specific content, including forums and networking meals
  • Best-practice case studies demonstrating data and analytics initiatives

Join us to be in the best position to learn how you can

  • Leverage data and analytics to optimize every decision, every process and every action
  • Overcome complexity and ambiguity to drive business value
  • Drive innovation through leading technologies
  • Build a foundation of trust, accountability, governance, security and privacy