Eri Hariu

Eri Hariu

Sr Principal Analyst
Eri Hariu is an Analyst on the Japan IT Infrastructure and Security team for Gartner, based in Japan. Ms. Hariu's main coverage areas are Windows OS, mobile computing and desktop virtualization. She provides strategic advice to both IT users and vendors in the mobile and endpoint technologies area.
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Wednesday, 22 April, 2020 03:30 PM|Wednesday, 22 April, 2020 04:15 PM
Drive the Smart Workplace by Endpoint Digital Technologies

Digitalization has a significant influence on working environments, or workplaces. Digital endpoint technologies such as mobile, AR/VR/MR, wearables and UI/UX have the power to change how people work and boost the business growth. In this session, we analyze key trends to support utilization of these technologies and to create a smart workplace environment.

Thursday, 23 April, 2020 01:15 PM|Thursday, 23 April, 2020 02:00 PM
Roundtable: Desktop as a Service vs. on-premises VDI (*Japanese only)

Japanese organizations are increasingly interested in Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Will it be an alternative to on-premises VDI to reduce IT operational load and to create a more flexible IT environment aligned to the business? At this roundtable, analysts and participants will discuss and identify issues to be reviewed in the process of evaluating and choosing between on-premises VDI and DaaS.

Friday, 24 April, 2020 02:55 PM|Friday, 24 April, 2020 03:15 PM
Tips for Utilizing AR/VR/MR in Digital Workplace

Immersive technologies such as AR and VR are expected to become essential ingredients in digital workplace strategy.
Many interesting use cases have been identified across offices and sites. However, difficulty in assessing technology maturity, and cost and investment performance remain barriers to its adoption.
In this session, we will discuss corporate use cases and analyze the current status of these efforts.

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