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Laurie Shotton

Laurie Shotton

VP Analyst
Laurie Shotton focuses on the insurance industry with a particular focus on life and pensions insurance. His research areas includes Hyperautomation, ecosystems, personalization, legacy modernization and policy administration systems. He also covers industry trends focusing on how business and technology is transforming the insurance industry.

Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Shotton worked for software vendors, insurers and a BPO. He has extensive experience in life and pensions software and has operated in markets across the globe.
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Thursday, 30 November, 2023 / 02:45 PM - 03:15 PM IST
Panoptic Personalization: The Key to Winning in Customer Engagement

Your approach to personalized customer experience has just scratched the surface for the opportunity for true personalization. Advancements in technology and data have paved the way for future customer engagement. CIOs can drive the next frontier using technology to leap beyond marketing and sales to a panoptic approach to personalization, creating an individualized and contextualized engagement with customers and deliver proactively. This path be a key differentiator in leading enterprises over next five years.

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