Alex De Fursac Gash

Alex De Fursac Gash

Sr Director, Advisory
Alex de Fursac Gash is a Director for Gartner's Marketing (GML) Advisory team, serving marketing executives in Europe, Middle East and Africa. In this role, Mr. Gash facilitates a wide range of executive-level discussions and in-depth problem/solution analysis for heads of marketing and their teams at Fortune 500 organizations. His responsibilities include: advising marketing leaders on their functional objectives, sharing best practices and providing strategic guidance. Supporting senior leaders and their teams to plan and implement a number of initiatives (including needs-based segmentation models, customer journey mapping etc.). Helping clients to drive internal consensus and promote their functional initiatives, and facilitating workshops and delivering Keynote speeches at both company events and special multicompany conferences.
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Monday, 18 May, 2020 / 12:15 PM - 12:45 PM BST
Building Consumer Experiences That Drive Revenue Growth

According to our research, improving customer loyalty and driving repeat purchases are the top marketing objectives for B2C CMOs in 2020 — perhaps unsurprisingly given 1) a changing competitive landscape with an explosion of new market entrants and 2) consumers who state increasingly willingness — and enthusiasm — to try new products and services. To make progress against these objectives, many marketing leaders are focusing on creating "sticky", valuable customer experiences that increase brand love and engage customers to buy more from their brands.

In this session, you will learn:
Best practices in creating engaging consumer experiences
Strategies for building enduring customer relationships that drive revenue growth

Monday, 18 May, 2020 / 03:15 PM - 04:00 PM BST
The Lessons Mass Consumer Brands Must Learn From Disruptors

The competitive landscape facing mass consumer brands continues to evolve fast as disruption caused by technology and disruptive brands continues to threaten existing business models. In this session you will learn:

● How disruptive brands are winning consumer confidence and driving preference

● Actionable steps your brand can adopt to drive commercial success

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