2020 topic highlights

Learn how to build the continuous IT automation pipeline with DevOps and edge as automation is the watchword of modern, agile IT. 

Cloud Strategies
Tactics for success: For a cloud-first position or advice in structuring your overall cloud strategy, check the enterprise cloud strategy, containers, microservices, public cloud, workloads and much more.

Emerging Technologies
Topics covered include: Hyperconverged at the edge, the impact of IoT on infrastructure and operations, quantum computing, automation, the state of the IoT network landscape, top infrastructure technologies and trends for storage, and integrated and hypercoverged systems.


The Hybrid World
IT organization must manage a hybrid delivery model dependent on resources, location, scale and state of new and core IT applications and infrastructure and application patterns. 

Leadership, Agility and Speed 
How can we guide our teams to innovate towards solving conflicts between efficiency/reliability and speed/agility? Explore methods that can help I&O leaders optimize workflows to improve operational agility and the new operating models and culture changes required to support ContinuousNext.

BCM/Protecting I&O Assets
The track covers how security assets, business continuity, recovery and governance, reveal why businesses that fail to create an effective cybersecurity and BCM program risk catastrophic business disruptions. It also explores retention plans and policies, resilient infrastructure delivery and security operations.

Artificial Intelligence
I&O leaders are working on provisioning infrastructure for business unit stakeholders and ingesting AI techniques to improve I&O efficiencies. Gartner has identified best practices that characterize highly successful and productive AI I&O ecosystems.


I&O provides a lot of metrics. But these metrics often miss the mark with decision-makers. Gartner has developed a methodology to integrate IT cost optimization, risk and corporate performance that helps achieve I&O goals.

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